Biobalance Institute: Be Your Own Fitspiration

Have you heard of Biobalance Institute? Taking a visit at their clinic will give you the bigger picture of who should be your fitspiration, yourself! How can you be your own fitspiration?

Okay, before we go deeper into this discussion, I want to ask you whose standard of healthy and fit do you follow? Who is your fitspiration?

I myself look up to Cindy Crawford as my body goals (at her age she remains fit and gorgeous). I used to do Cindy Crawford’s full body workout at home. I did her workout to get me back in shape after giving birth more than a decade ago and it worked out really fine. Now, if we go local, Jennelyn Mercado would be the best fitspiration. She’s someone who juggles, work, family, and her personal fitness and hobbies and maintains that physique that is to die for. However I wish to try to be like her, I know my limits. I am not a good swimmer (kinda have this fear of drowning and the ugliness of dying that way) and I have bad ankles (running like she does might just injure me more than make me fit) but I do like biking, climbing, and anything challenging.

If I want to be like her I should train like her, but first I need to know my weaknesses and strengths when it comes to my physique.

Just recently, I paid Biobalance Institute a visit where I had this InBody Test. The InBody test shows you what you’re made of. It breaks down your body composition and in turn tracks your progress and areas of improvement to staying fit and healthy.

Biobalance Institute

Biobalance Institute In Body Test


The Biobalance Institute InBody Test includes:

  • Body Composition Analysis which includes your Intracellular Water,  Extracellular Water,  Dry Lean mass and Body Fat Mass
  • Muscle-Fat Analysis based on your weight,  skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass
  • Obesity Analysis including the Body Mass Index and Present Body Fat
  • Segmental Lean Analysis based on ideal weight and current weight.  How. Many percent of muscles on your left and right arm,  left and right leg and trunk.
  • Extracellular Water to Total Body Water analysis which is an important indicator of body water balance.
  • Your Body Composition History
  • It also has indications of your Viceral FatViceral Fat is the most important as it shows the fats surrounding your internal organs.

Biobalance Institute In Body Test

Some fitness clinics/studios only check your BMI  and nothing beyond that.  I was impressed at this machine,  where you stand like a regular weight,  then you put your thumbs on a clicker like thing attached to it that measures everything I mentioned above.

Another good thing about having this Biobalance Institute InBody test is that they explain everything to you and give you consultation about the whole shenanigans which includes giving you tips on your nutritional needs and exercise routine.

But aside from the InBody testing they also have this Gut Bacteria analysis using your pee, this will give you a holistic overlook of your entire health status.  From this test they can give you a Personalized Food Guide which is a customized plan (food and vitamin supplements you needed) which is a personalized Nutrition Presription and Toxicity best for you according to your test results.

Hindy Weber Tantoco

Hindy Weber-Tantoco is one of their brand ambassador and she is very sold to this wholistic approach of knowying your health status.  “It is like a made to measure dress, but this time its both food and supplements made to fit me” she said.  It is like taking the guesswork out of what vitamins and supplements you need and not just following what the others are taking.

Hindy is known to be into fashion and organic farming so haivng her go through this kind of institute was something everyone might not expect.  She owns Holy Carabao Holistic Farms and she is a vegan eating only organic food and practice yoga.  However after reaching 40 she feell something was amiss.

“I was starting to feel I needed more support even if I ate well.  I was more tired but I was sleeping less and I started binging on coffee and sugary foods,” she said.

She went through the Biobalance Institute Program and had series of specialized test to find out the nutrients in your body at a cellular level – from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, to essentially fatty acids.  Nutrition deficiencies and toxitities are normally linked to fatigue and weight issues, and also to chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

From her test result, Biobalance recommended personalized dietary changes and prescription supplements to covr any deficiency.  It was found out on her test that Hindy is Vitamin D and amino acid deficient.  It also found out that her sleeping woes was due to her gut bacteria imbalance.

Biobalance Institute

It was nice to know all these things from someone who we all thought was healthy and fit just because she is a vegan and only ears organic homegrown food.

Over this delicious snack,  Hindy confessed she is back at eating meat because that was what’s recommended for her on her food and nutrition intake.

Biobalance Institute

Biobalance Institute gives you the extra edge by customizing nutritional solutions and providing expert advice for each client.  It is like taking the guesswork out of what food,  vitamins and supplements and exercise routine you need and not just following what the others are taking or doing.

In essence this whole trip and casual talk at Biobalance made me realize that if we continue to follow someone elses health and fitness routine we might just get frustrated. Just like our thumbprint our health and fitness concerns are unique. Copying another persons diet or fitness routine may just be the cause why you are not getting fit as you want to be or wish to be just like your fitspiration.

You may watch what we did at Biobalance and the food and exercise recommendations for me here:

If you would like to try it out yourself you may book an appointment at +6326504858 or email or visit

Before taking in any fitness goals ask yourself, how healthy you really want to be and how commited are you in achieving it.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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