How This Week Went #AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 3

So yes,  it’s not a bug,  it’s chronic.  Three weeks into that lazy days and I don’t feel any moment I’m snapping out of it.   The fact of the matter is I am getting bored of doing this.  I am uninspired.  I need and crave for something new,  challenging and more rewarding than this.  I guess I hit the peak of it all and now it plateau.   I dunno.

Anyway, how this week went?   The week of  April 3-9,2016 when I barely attended events,  just meetings (for a secret project I cannot reveal here and other kind of meeting I will not disclose either haha) ,  a birthday party of the beautiful and sweet Janeena Chan at Bubba Gump in Makati and monthly beauty treatments from my generous sponsor YSA  Skin Expert  at my favorite branch YSA Galleria.

I only attended two events one with Marian Rivera-Dantes for Maxi-Peel and the other was a block screening of Batman v Superman held at the SM Aura Directors Cut,  a really really nice theater with gigantic lazy boy couches and overflowing snacks!

How about you, how did your week went?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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