SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner Review

Yes, the obsession for that perfectly drawn eyebrows continues and I’m glad to come across a number of Eyebrow products lately. The great thing about having non-permanent eyebrows is that you can change your look as often as you want from thick to slim brows in an instant.

Just recently I got the SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner package the company sent me for trial and here’s what I think of it.

SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner review

Product Info

This self-sharpening retractable brow liner comes with an angled tip to shape and fill your brows with precision. The super-smooth formula promises a natural finish that lasts more than 6 hours. Blending is made easy with the attached brow brush.

Product shots

SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner review


SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner review

On me

SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner review
SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner review

What I think of it?
This is the good Eyebrow Pen to use when you are like me who can’t go on a short errand without the eyebrows fixed. It’s not waterproof so it can be easily removed. As you can see from the photo above I made my eyebrows extra thick an then have it slimmer afterwards. It’s easy to remove and has creamy matte texture to it. Very pigmented. I love the Brow brush that comes along with it as you can easily blend your Eyebrow colors well.

SilkyGirl is available at your favorite beauty counters in the country.

How about you what’s your fave on-the-go eyebrow pen?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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