I Want to be the Very Best #WIWTD 100

Because sometimes good is not good enough.

How to be the best is subjective though. What you think is your best may not be good enough for others. It is like a double edged sword. Which standards of best should you follow then? Theirs or yours?

I wanna be the very best

I wanna be the very best
There are three things I think we should follow to be the very best:
1. Don’t intentionally hurt anyone this includes mocking and shaming them publicly (no to bullis)
2. Do something you love that makes you feel good and fulfilling , don’t do it because everyone else does.
3. Live in the moment

I wanna be the very best

I wanna be the very best
But I am not a saint so sometimes I go against these things.
1. I don’t intentionally hurt, but when someone hurts me I hurt back, maybe not in way they hurt me but in some other ways. I don’t wish them ill, but I erase the people who hurt me from the people I know. That’s a way of forgiving and forgetting for me. If I don’t know you then you did not hurt me. Did I forgive you? Maybe yes, maybe no, all I know is I don’t know you. Only the poeple I somehow made close to me can hurt me the rest are nuisance.
2. Sometimes I do something because I need to and sometimes of peer pressure. We all fall into this trap sometimes. We do it because its part of our work even if we don’t want to we have. We do it because we have this fear of missing out (FOMO). We do it because eveyrone else is doing it!
3. Sometimes I rush into getting the end result that I no longer enjoy what was happening. It is like someone is chasing right after me that I have to finish right away so I can go to the next .

I wanna be the very best #WIWTD 100

Should we all just go with the flow, notice the signs and enjoy the view?



I wanna be the very best
Dami kong drama, sa totoo lang I just wanna be the very best Pokemon Master!

I wanna be the very best Pokemon Master

I wanna be the very best

I wanna be the very best
Anong level ka na sa Pokemon Go? My pokemon bag is full so I’m transfering, evolving and powering up!

I wanna be the very best
From Manila, to Batangas, to the beach side of Pico de Loro Hamilo Coast and Pico Sands Hotel I’m catching them all Pokemon!

I wanna be the very best

How many have you caught? What level are you? What team are you in? I am Team Valor btw!

I wanna be the very best

What I wore:
Bomber jacket: H&M
Crop top: Forever 21
Footwear: FAUX PAS
Headwear: NEW ERA CAP
Taken at: Pico de Loro Hamilo Coast and Pico Sands Hotel in Batangas
Taken by: Rodel Flordeliz of Nognog in the City
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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