#PlusCan Help Habitat for Humanity + Derek Ramsay

I’m sure you’ve seen donation cans here and there but I guess you have not seen one like the #PlusCan yet.

Unlike any other donation drive can, the Plus Can has Derek Ramsay photo and autograph on it and a plus sign as the holes for dropping coins inside like piggy banks.

The Plus Can Project is one of the latest Habitat for Humanity Philippine Fund Raising project done alongside with Derek Ramsay who is the celebrity Ambassador for this project. Each cans can be bought for Php500.00 at the Habitat for Humanity office in Makati, you can keep it for yourself and stare at Derek Ramsay face all day or have it returned to Habitat for Humanity as donation. You may put it on an establishement a store or anywhere you wish to be filled up if you like.

Funds that will be generated from the “sale” and donation from the #PlusCan project will be used to build more decent shelter for surviers of disasters , more permanent dwellings for the displaced which in turn will create more productive communities for our nation. Habitat for Humanity hopes to build decent homes for 800,000 families by 2020. In the Philippines there are still more than 5 million families living in inadequate conditions.

Those who still don’t understand the dynamics of Habitat for Humanity, we build homes and give it to deserving families. It is not given free but very very minimal payment for the new home owner, as low as Php20 (I think!). This will teach them discipline and responsibility of having to take care of their own property without fears of being forced out. This will give them pride and honor and in turn make them a productive part of the community vital for nation building.

To get a #PlusCan or donate in cash or your time, visit www.habitat.org.ph.

Derek Ramsay personally invites you to get the #PlusCan and support Habitat for Humanity projects!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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