My CUTERA Face and Body Laser Treatment Review #MakeItCutera

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My CUTERA Face and Body Laser Treatment Review #MakeItCutera

It was almost a month since I have tried a CUTERA Face and Body Laser treatment and without a doubt I am very much happy with the result and can’t wait for my next session which suppose to be happen anytime soon (I was told that it should be done once a month or after every three weeks).

I had a Laser Genesis treatment for my face and armpits. Laser Genesis promises improve the skin texture as it is good for erasing and lightening benign pigmented lesions such as melasma and sun spots, enlarged pores, brown spots, facial veins, and redness on the face. Since the treatment, I have gotten a lot of comments on how nice my facial skin is (more than the usual compliments which boost my confidence a lot and makes me happier! )

Another treatment I tried was the Cutera’s truSculpt machine which employs the stamp motion in deep tissue healing that delivers effective fat reduction. I tried it on my tummy area and honestly since after the treatmenet I look less bloated than I was and I have gotten a lot of compliment about how I’ve loss weight (It is nice to have compliments that you lost weight and not get comments on you’re so fat right? It shows that your friends and the people you see whenever you go out are nice people because they don’t tell you you’re fat straight to your face but tells you you’ve lost weight when you have slimmed down!)

The treatments happened at the ARUGA Hotel by Rockwell where the different kinds of CUTERA Face and Body Laser Treatment machines were shown to us. It was also CUTERA Philippines way to call the attention of everyone to be aware of when availing of laser treatment services.

“CUTERA is a premium brand of face and body treatment from the US, engineered and designed to provide instant results and guarantees a safe and non-invasive procedure,” Liz Endrinal, Head of Therapeutic Sales of Cutera Philippines, said.

With skin, body, and facial treatments that have emerged largely in the Metro, it is anxious for us to easily trust clinics and even the process itself. I am sure you have heard of treatments gone bad like burned skin and the worst experience ever.

CUTERA is said to be the premium laser machine/ the Rolce Royce of laser machine worldwide and it remains loyal to define the forefront of medical aesthetics with devices exquisitely engineered to deliver the highest level of performance, safety, and efficacy—providing a wide range of Face and Body medical aesthetic applications, with results that drive patient satisfaction, and inspire trust to medical aesthetic practitioners in the Philippines.

CUTERA Philippines has a formidable lineup of laser treatment machine that addresses the following face and body concerns:

  • Enlighten that helps erase and lighten benign pigmented lesions such as melasma and sun spots. It is also the Cutera power machine for effective tattoo removal
  • Excel V is the Cutera machine that takes away ages of your face as well as addresses leg veins, freckles and brown spots
  • The Cutera XEO machine provides instant results versus inflammatory acne, brown spots for elderly people, leg and facial veins, angiomas and rosacea or the diffused redness on the face
  • Cutera’s truSculpt machine employs the stamp motion in deep tissue healing that delivers effective fat reduction.
  • Titan is the go-to Cutera machine for natural lifting, skin tightening and skin laxity

CUTERA, officially distributed in the Philippines by MEDEV Medical Devices Corp., and they are used by top caliber names such as the Dr. Aivee Medical Clinic, Nisce Skin N’ Face Clinic, Belo Medical Group, Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital, DLSU Medical Center, Skin and Cancer Foundation, among others.

You may watch my entire experience in this Vlog I made during #MakeitCutera experience:

The next time you go for a facial and body laser treatment it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they use CUTERA or better yet go to the clinics that uses the machine for your safety and to make sure it is effective.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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