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Healthier Alternative to Softdrinks

As much as possible I avoid drinkking softdrinks. If there’s option of water, iced tea, softdrink, I’d get water. If the option is only softdrinks, I’d take RTO for some odd reasons RTO helps take away my headaches!

It was such a good news to know that Del Monte finally came up with a healthier options to softdrinks. The new Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink which is made of real fruit juice. It has no added sugar, and is fortified with 100% of yur daily Vitamin C needs!

Another great thing to know about the new Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink is it is caffeine free and calorie free, something every insomiac like me would want to cut out of her system!

The New Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink comes in two different flavors, Pineapple and Orange-Pomelo available in 330ml cans in all 7-11 stores in the country!

Cheers! Enjoy a healthier fizz with Del Monte!

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