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Food, Restos, Hang-outs

4 Delicious Reasons Mekeni Picnic Hotdogs is Moms Approved #MomsPickPicnic

Would you let your kids eat hotdog everyday? If it’s Mekeni Picnic Hotdog brand , I would.  Why?  Read on. For some reason, hotdog is one of the most favorite food/ snacks by kids and kids at heart all over the world. However, there was a myth that circulated before that it is the most […]

Food, Restos, Hang-outs

Sheraton Manila Bay Now Offers Duck a l’orange and Chicken Pot Pie.

While traveling, as we know it, may still be limited, you can still embark on a gastronomic journey around the world with our Culinary Courier. Sheraton Manila Bay’s new food-to-go offers brings the classic and familiar flavors of French cuisine with Duck a l’orange and all-time family favorite Chicken Pot Pie to the comfort of your homes. A delightful […]

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Hassle-free recipe for fudgy chocolate crinkles – thanks to PayMaya!

Before my jowa left the country last May, he was able to teach me how to bake.  One of the first baking recipe we did which we both really like, and the daughter really, really liked is Chocolate Crinkles. As soon as they come out of the oven, she will eat them even while their […]

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Emirates Airlines In-Flight Menu Recipes to Try at Home during the Quarantine

Stay home and still travel the world. Emirates helps travelers escape their everyday life and invites them on a culinary journey around the globe—discovering other cultures through their food. To bring travel inspiration into people’s home kitchens, Emirates chefs share the ideal three-course-menu to give globetrotters a taste of their next vacation, while staying home. […]

Food, Restos, Hang-outs Life in the Age of Pandemic Covid-19

Life in the Age of Corona Virus: the Truth about Dalgona Coffee that Nobody Talked About

As soon as the lockdown aka enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in the Philippines started, this new drink trend just suddenly became viral. Dalgona Coffee. It’s someone’s take on having a Starbucks like coffee available at the comforts of our home. The Dalgona coffee craze looked really good and enticing and so a lot followed suit, […]

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Life in the Age of Corona Virus #LockdownDiaries How to do Your Groceries at Home

These are difficult times .  All of us are trying hard to adjust to this new norm norm when everyone slows down and stays at home because we are on a lockdown.  The pros and the cons of living in the age of Corona Virus aka Covid-19 is rewiring all of us to take it […]

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