5 New Electrolux Products to Make Your Homes Summer Ready #ElectroluxSummerReady

Hot, hotter and hottest.  That is the only season I know we have in the Philippines. This means it is actually always summer here. While most of us still deny this fact by believeing we have cool and cold kinda wintery season days, truth is we don’t. It is eiher less humid and humid days.  The only thing that changes during summer in the country is that kids take a break from school so they are always at home making house chores double for home makers.

Fortunately Electrolux released new products which can turn our homes summer ready all the time. These new home appliances works double time and very efficient to suit our daily needs #ElectroluxSummerReady

The Electrolux Ultimate Care Front Load Washing Machine


What’s new with this front loading machine compared to recent ones is that it has the exclusive UltraMix System to deliver exceptional deep clean and better colour care. It pre-mixes the water and detergent, dissolving it first before they reach the laundry.

The Electrolux Vita Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioner


What’shew with this split type aircon compared to recent models is that it has Active Plasma ion that helps eliminate viruses and bacteria and Inverter Technology thatbdelivers energy savings with its advanced technological features.  It is energy efficient and eco-friendly plus low noise.

The Electrolux UltraFlex Vacuum Cleaner


What’s new is that it has a Turbo Cyclonic Design that efficiently seoerates the dust.  It comes with HEPA13 Washable Exhaust filter which seals 99% of dust allergens and a Replaceable Carbon Layer. It has recieved 5 stars SLG on Filtration Efficiency and was also awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval from British Allergy Foundation.


The Electrolux Nutrifresh Inverter Refrigerator


This one keeps food fresh for 7 days! With its FreshShield Crisper whixh comes with unique tight seal for 5x higher humidity and more stable temperature to keep your friuits and  vegetables stay fresh for 7 days.


The Electrolux Cooking Range with Induction Cooktop & Electick Oven


Induction cooking and oven at the same time. This comes with Precise Tempersture Control that allows one to go from high to low heat instantly so one never undecookor overcook again!

Aside from launching the new products Electolux Philippines presented tips on summer home cleaning and organizing the home.  Guest speaker Amina Aranas-Alunan talked about hot trends in home decoratijg in the summer, shared DIY projects and tips to make your homes summer ready!


She mentioned tropical prints,  ocean themed prints decorations and plants to place at strategic places inside your homes.

Janice Villanueva also shared her inputs on Summer Ready Home Checklist and activities with the family. Event was hosted by Patty Laurel-Filart and held at Happy Gardens in Makati.

How about you, what’syour summer ready home tips?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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