I Challenge You to Do the #ReadOutLoudChallenge

As soon as I heard about the heart of the campaign, I immediately jumped in. Without batting an eyelash, no rehearsals whatsoever, I did the #ReadOutLoudChallenge.  I read so loud I forgot I had a lapel on and people would look even if I pronounced some words incorrectly.

So what!  I did the #ReadOutLoudChallenge and will do it 75 times more so the chance of building a library for public school in the Philippines will become a reality.

Yes, if there are 75 people who upload their own #ReadOutLoudChallenge on their Favebook or Instagram accounts that can be viewed publicly, National Bookstore will build a library complete with Project Aklat racks that consist of DepEd-approved books through the NBS Foundation.

This is part of the celebration of 75th Anniversary of National Bookstore. NBS aims to set up 100 libraries nationwide through this #ReadOutLoudCallenge (ROLC).

Spreading the love for reading among Filipinos and literacy in that matter to kids and kids of all ages is such. worthy advocacy to support and promote.

With that said, I made an initial 5 #ReadOutLoudChallenge videos to be individually posted on my Instagram and/or Facebook page.  I challenged my friends Rhea Bue, Yuki Tansengco, Melo Villareal, Rodel Flordeliz, Sarah Tirona, Olay Rullan, Ana Gonzalez,Marky Ramone Go, Melo Villareal, Cha Ocampo., Ruth dela Cruz , Jenny Bugarin , Kaycee Enerva and Will Dasovich in the videos.

While the ROLC will promotd and support Project Aklat, the NBS Foubdation will also launch the 8th year if Project Aral this April 17,2017 in all NBS branches nationwide.  Project Aral aims to visit 150 communities who lack basic school needs. Kits can be bought at NBS one kit is sold at Php25 pesos with 2 notebooks,2 pencils and an eraser.  Abother kit costs Php50 with 2 notebooks, 2 pencils. a sharpener, an eraser, and a pair of slippers.  These are perfect gift for children who have to make their way to school barefoot.


With that said, I challenge you to do the #ReadOutLoudChallenge by using the hastag, uploading it to your Facebook or Instagram account and tag 3 friends to do the challenge plus @nbsalert . Let us all help in making libraries for kids in far flung and underprivileged areas.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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