At Google Philippines Headquarters for the #WomenWill Forum

At Google Philippines Headquarters for the #WomenWill Forum

Celebrate Women #WoMenWill Google Earthlingorgeous

In celebration of International Women’s Day last March 8, Google Philippines teamed up with leading online female magazine to shine a light on female trailblazers in the field of science and technology, and highlight the role that technology, especially the Internet, plays in enabling women to succeed.

A forum entitled “Celebrate Women” brought together women game changers from different walks of life and industries to talk about their accomplishments and how technology enables their success from their day-to-day lives to their challenging careers.

While stories of success abound, a Connected Consumer survey carried out by Google revealed that even though there are slightly more women online than men in the Philippines, 41 percent of the respondents still lack the time to go online while 30 percent do not know how to do the things they want on the Internet. However, the survey also shows that 70% of the women believe that the Internet could help them improve their opportunities.

Google Philippines Headqyarters #WomenWill
With Google Philippines Headquarters PR Head Gail Tan

“There are many women in the world today who cannot access the Internet, and that translates to missed opportunities for all of us, not just them. By bringing these success stories together, we seek to inspire people as they see that women can make a difference given the right information, tools, and guidance,” shared Gail Tan, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs. “We invited these women to tell us how they made a difference despite the odds. With their insights and experiences, other women will know how they can do it, too.”

Featured women on the Celebrate Women #WomenWill forum on my next post.

Meanwhile, allow me to show off some pics I have inside the Google Philippines headquarters.  I feel like a kid in a toy store.  It was like being in a happy place that I’ve been to before but it was actually my first time there.  It was like my first time in Disneyland. Seriously!

Google Philippines Headquarters #WoMenWill Google Earthlingorgeous

Google Philippines Headquarters #WoMenWill Google Earthlingorgeous

Google Earthlingorgeous

#WomanWill at Google Philippines

#WomanWill at Google Philippines
Their canteen/ office pantry is every employees dream. Free buffet food, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner!
#WomanWill at Google Philippines
#WomanWill at Google Philippines


#WomanWill at Google Philippines

Nobody gets in without an invitation and you can’t go around without these QR-coded visitors badge with your name on it!
agoovle Philippines Headquarters

Support for WomenWill online


As Celebrate Women inspires with real life stories, Google also introduced an online movement called #WomenWill. The campaign recognizes the role that women and technology play in changing the world around them.


“If women are equipped with the right knowledge and information on how to use the Internet, they will be able to do more of the things they love online such as connecting with their loved ones, using technology in their business, or pursuing their passions,” said Gail.

#Neverfade Downy

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, Dr. Vicki Belo, together with the team of, and other influencers, supported the campaign by lending their voices online. The social media campaign is part of Google’s Women Will initiative, which provides women with tools, information, and opportunities to use technology in order to help them succeed.

“We can impact the lives of women who have no access to the Internet by raising awareness about their struggles and challenges. Google believes that we can all do our part to change the numbers and be able to empower women in using technology,” said Gail.

For more information about #WomenWill, visit

Featured women on the Celebrate Women #WomenWill forum held at the Google Philippibes Headquarters will be featured on my next post.



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