6 New Happy Skin Eye Makeup Product to Achieve an I Wokeup Like This Look

6 New Happy Skin Eye Makeup Product


Happy Skin is the only homegrown makeup brand in the country that I know so far uses very cute makeup packaging and very punny makeup product names.

Proving that is yet again the launch of their Eye Woke Up Like This makeup collection composing of 6 new eye makeup product to achieve that I woke up like this look – a look people on socia media post showing how good looking they are effortlessly with the focus on the eyes that fresh and bright.

6 New Happy Skin Eye Makeup Product

1. Happy Skin At Long Lash Supercurl Waterproof Mascara (Php999) – The product that made us all surprised, curious and excited was the bristles free mascara wand. Tge wand is rod type and promises to coqt each lash from base to tip without clumping. The formula is smudge-proof, sweat proof, sebum resistant and tears resistant!!! made with Japanese nylon fiber to curl and lenghten lashes without drooping. I shall show a review of this product separately since like you I am curious how effecient and effective this product is. Although you can see a short clip of the after when I tried using this product on the event vlog I made posted above ?.  Skip video until 7:30 to see the unique wand!

2. Happy Skin Say Eye Do Easy Eyeshadow Cushion Duo (Php699) A double ended eyeshadow pen to dress up your eyes on the go. No brush needed. Comea in two blendable shades, champagne and espresso, which can transworm your look from day to night in an instant. What makes it different is it is infused eith Argan Oil to nourish the lids and allow the product tp glide on smoothly.

3. Happy Skin Grooming Precision Tweezers (Php299) Just look at it and you know what it does! Kilay is life and so is this two-in-one tool.

6 New Happy Skin Eye Makeup Products

4. Happy Skin Pretty Clean Inatant Makeup Eraser (Php499) Everyone should have this in their on-the-go makeup it. It is a life saver! It cleans up makeup mishaps especially smudging eye makeup really fast and efficient. Yes it is a miracle, and I am a believer. I saw it with my own two eyes! It is pen-type with silky, non-greasy formula with Argan Oil, dissolves even long wearong makeup ?

5. Happy Skin Eye Love View Too Microtip Eyebrow Pencil & Spoolie Duo (Php699) Comes in two shades Natural Brown and Taupe. Yes, kilay is life and this mkcrotip pencil makes you draw feathery strokes to.mimic real brow strands. With Vitami E and Argan Oil of course to help nourish the skin.

6. Happy Skin Maximeyes Perfect Lash Curler (Php499). Made wider to be able to capture lashes from.end to end corners of the eye for every eye size, clump free and tug free design with two extra silicone pads as a treat!

6 New Happy Skin Eye Makeup Products

Now the truth is out, nobody ever woke up like this:

We all need a little help from.our makeup and skin care products.

6 New Happy Skin Eye Makeup Products

If you were able to catch my video channel upload or my Instagram post as I have announced the exclusive Mother’s day sale of these 6 New Happy Skin Eye Makeup Products at Beauty MNL. If you didn’t catch that no worries they will be in-stores by May 22,2017 and online at happyskincosmetics.com.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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