I Hate Mother’s Day!

I am feeling under the weather lately and this is a throbbing feeling the past month. I wanna vent out, I hope you don’t mind. If you do, skip reading.

I hate Mother’s day simply because it celebrates the who I have become and not who I want to be and who I really am.
While I love my child so much I also love myself. I can’t give what I don’t have.
When people.greet me a happy mother’s day I wanna cringe. Mothers never really get their day, all their days are spent taking care of their family , their kids and their homes so it won’t fall into pieces.
This one day when everyone pretends they care about you being a mom when all they think you do is stay at home.clean the house, do the dishes, cook, take care of the kids and if you are married take care of the husband Like we never get tired, we never needed help with all this chores we never asked to be tasked on us.  It is something we do out of love and care for our family but everyone think it is your obligation to do for them.  That if you don’t do any big that to them you are a bad mother.
All the member in your family you are raising thinks you are some kind of wonder woman and you never need help or rest or time for yourself without worrying that the members of her family won’t.go hungry, won’t mess up the house , won’t stock up on dirty laundry, so when mommy gets home she will take care of it.  Don’t you all realize moms get tired.
If you can pick  clothes going out , is it not that hard to put your dirty clothes in the laundry or wash it yourself. Your mom didn’t wear that you did why should she wash it for you.  You finished your meal, can you not just wash your own dishes.  You are hungry can you not make your own food out of the food in the pantry, why wait for mom to cook for you are you crippled or disabled to cannot take.care if yourself. Can you not clean up your own mess, it is your mess not your moms.
When you tell your mothers I never asked you to it but you do it anyway, do you want your mom stop caring?
A little help in little things around the house is all they need. They act like they are wonder woman but really they are damselles in distress.
In becoming a mother, the woman loses herself, who she was before that and what she wanted to be. I am sure all mothers want to be more than just a mom.
Not to belittle motherhood, who could  ever carry 9 pounds of weight in your womb and who could ever give life to another human than a woman. That 9 months of taking care solo of that being in her womb and then after the being comes.out she will have to take care of her the rest of her life no ifs and buts.
How much do you really understand motherhood and being a mother, a day is.not enough for her to feel appreciated, to make her feel all she does for you is appreciated . That you treasure her not because she does things for you to make your life comfortable but because she is human, your mother an important part of your life. You don’t ignore her even if she is annoying as hell,  She is “pesky” because she wants to reach out get to you , connect with you, don’t push her away.
Think of your mother’s, what would you be doing differently if you were in her shoes . What would you do the same if you were.

Forgive me mother’s of the world for ruining this day, this day that has to fall on a Sunday all the time so no work, no work means everyone is home to spent time with mom. Why not make it a real Holiday for mother all over the world so they really can celebrate. put into law a day or a week a mother of the house will not be obliged tobdo whstever she normally does on a regular day and fine those who don,’t comply. Fine is for them do all the housechores for an entire month. This way they will know how to trully appreciate and celebrate Mother’s.

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