Rice Entree to Quinoa + CPK’s Latest Menu #SeektheUnique

Rice Entree to Quinoa at CPK
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Rice Entree to Quinoa + CPK’s Latest Menu #SeektheUnique

Everyone is on a diet now.  Some are on a restricting diet because they are trying to lose weight or for health reasons. But most of us want a satisfying delicious meal.

Home cooked meals can be boring. Our palate seeks some unique taste. Something we don’t usually have.  Thankfully California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) released their latest menue for this season and one involves allowing you for am additional Php45 to upgrade your rice meal to Quinoa!  Isn’t that awesome!

Quinoa is said to be a healthier alternative than the usual white rice.  It is kinda difficult to cook so better have the expert do it for you.

The rice entrees to Quinoa at CPK offering in their latest menu include the following dishes:

  • Cod + Seasoned Vegetables made of fresh cod fillet with sauteed onions, zucchinj, eggplant and broccoli in a roasted squash puree. Yum.
  • Chicken Asparagus in Lemon Cream Sauce consist of fried chicken breast filllet smothered with Piccata cream sauce served with asparwgus, cherrybtomatoes and black olives. Mmmm

#SeektheUnique CPK new menu

  • Crispy Calamari + Stir Fried Vegetables is fried calamari with mixed vegetables sauteed in soy-ginger sauce seved with house made remoulade on the side.
  • Sweet Flame Shrimp made of sweet and spicy shrimp served with mango cucumber salsa and fresh cilantro.

#SeektheUnique CPK new menu

  • Cali-Mex Chicken Salsa is grilled chicken topped with house made Chipotle Salsa and jalapeno served with blue corn tortilla chips and lime crema!

I know I went straight to the rice entree because I was so excited about the Php45 upgrade rice entree to Quinoa, you don’t get that deal anywhere!

But aside from that they also have fresh new salad to get your meal started.

Quinoa + Aragula, Chinese Chicken, and Grilled Shrimp, Strawberry + Goat Cheese is a healthy tasty starter their Quinoa + Aragula is a super-grain salad with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, toasted pine nuts and Feta cheese tossed jn house made Honey Dijon vinaigrette. Really refreshing!
Rice Entree to Quinoa at CPK

They also have the oriental flair Chinese Chiken with Napa & red cabbage, romaine lettuce, crisp wonton strip, scallions, fresh cilantro, and sesame seeds tossed in Hoisin ginger vinaigrette.

#SeektheUnique CPK new menu

Or go for their Grilled Shrimp Strawberry + Goat Cheese with strawberries, pears, mixed greens, almknd flakes, tossed jn hose madeHoney dijon vinaigrette.

What’s CPK without the Pizza! Their new pizza creations are so refreshing!

The Surf & Turf Trio with shrimp, bacon, salami, Quesl Quesadilla , Mozzarella, tomatoes and asparagus sauce.

#SeektheUnique CPK new menu

A very tasty vegetarian treat and my personal favorite the Foriana Roasted Walnut + Cauliflower pizza with rustic Mediterranean Foriana sauce, Queso Quesadilla,Mozarella, caulifloeer, bell peppers and onions. Really unique and sooo good.

#SeektheUnique CPK new menu

And the winner if the CPK Philippines 2016 Pizza Wars competition, the Anchovies + Goat Cheese Pizza. I voted for this one because I love how the flavors blend together. Chef Sandy Daza and Chef Sau del Rosario were judges on this competition too.

For pasta they got the Foriana and New Chicken & Sausage Fajita.

#SeektheUnique CPK new menu

And their drinks! I love love the Mango Lemon and the Avocado Banana. Perfect to beat the heat this summer!

#SeektheUnique CPK new menu

Honestly, writing about the new CPK menu just made me crave for them that I am going to CPK now. Lucky me there is one near me.

California Pizza Kitchen is available at Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt 5, Greenhills, Mall of Asia, Century City Mall and Shangri-La Plaza East Wing.

For more info on their new menu visit www.cpk.com.ph or follow them on Instagram @cpkphilippines.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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