Philips Healthy kitchen solutions #NothingBeatsHealthyEats

What’s your main concern when it comes to cooking healthy yet fast meals for your family?

Mine would be the desire to cut the amount of fat in all the meals I prepare.  I would like to make meals where I can use less cooking oil of none at all.  But how can I do this when the family’s favorite dish include fried chicken, lechon kawali, crispy pata, menudo, tinola, nilagang baka and adobo.  Dishes that are really delicious but fat content are like way over the radar.

Fortunately, everyone has a chance to cook less fatty meals, especially oil free dishes with the help of Philips Healthy Kitchen Solutions.

Recently, Philips launched their Nothing Beats Healthy Eats campaign where they encourage Filipinos to make healthier choices . At the event they had Mothers Who Brunch tandem Michelle Aventajado and Sabrina Go , celebrity Chef Jose Sarazola, and Philips in-house Chef Jaced Bayangos showed a healthy spin on preparing Filipino favorites as a solution to the dilemmas everyone face when cooking meals that also taste good.

Michelle and Sabrina prepared Bibimbap using the Philips Avance Collection Sensor Touch Rice Cooker and Philips Viva Collection Juicer to make their homemade corned beef.  Chef Jose and Jaced made no oil Lechon Kawali using the Philips Avance XL AirFryer  and Bulalo with the Philips Electric Pressure Cooker.   They had me at the no oil Lechon Kawali and Bulala in 30 minutes.  Plus it was comforting to know that I can make my own corned beef and not need to worry if the red coloring in it is natural or artificial!

Philips Healthy Kitchen Solutions #NothingBeatsHealthyEats Philips Healthy kitchen solutions #NothingBeatsHealthyEats

Watching them prepare the meals I realized that while we can pick the best ingredients, a bigger part on preparing healthy meals is still up to our kitchen appliances .  It is best that we invest in the best appliances so as to enjoy a healthy hearty meal.  Imagine having to eat all those delicious meals in less time and less fat.  The best part is its home cooked so you know what you put in your food and no second guessing if its good for you or not!

At the event we were given a hand in preparing our own fruit juices using the Philips Advance Collection Juicer and Philips Avance Collection Blender and I was surprised about how fast I can juice an apple and how the juicer is virtually noiseless!

Philips Healthy Kitchen Solutions #NothingBeatsHealthyEats

I’m sold.  Can’t wait to have my own Philips Healthy Kitchen Solutions at home and do what I and my family love cooking and eating, but this time healthier eats #NothingBeatsHealthierEats .

To find out more about the Philips’ healthy lifestyle innovations visit

Stay gorgeous everyone!




P. S.  I was one of the winners of a Philips Airfryer and I can’t wait for it to be delivered at home soon. My other mommy blogger friends won the rice cooker,  juicer and pressure cooker!  I also won an Philips Onion Chef for best flatlay and brought home a Philips Soy Milk maker as their token at the event.  I am super happy with my new kitchen helpers that I want a bigger kitchen!

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