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How to Conceal Your Gray Hair & Bald Spots Instantly

Stress,  hairstyling and hair coloring plus aging are factors of thinning hair,  while gray hair is something we all will rncoubter at the dawning of our lives haha.    However,  we all can keep looking young especially keep a luscious looking hair as long as we want without needing hair transplant or hair  dyeing  (one major factor of hair damage and thinning).

Personally,  gray hair is not much of a problem although I saw two strands of an inch long white hair showing at the right side of my head , I am not alarmed at that.   What I am concern about is the bald spots because of my thinning hair.  These bald spots show when I do a 1/3 pony,  half pony and yes even a full pony and it doesn’t look attractive.

To hide these bald spots which I started doing half of 2017 is use cheap eyeshadow powder as coverup and it works perfectly.

I never knew theee was actually a product that some people use to hide bald spots and spot cover gray hair!  I just got the Conceal Instant Gray Hair Touch Up Solution from Sampleroom right after my Iloilo trip and I was so excited to see that theres a product for the purporse I am doing,  bye bye eyeshadow for my bald spots cover! Yay!

Conceal Instant Gray Hair Touch Up Solution comes in two form: Conceal Gray Hair Touch Up Powder (Php289.00) and Conceal Brush Tip Applicator (Php259.00).

It’s so easy to use,  no mess and last as long as you don’t was your hair/head .

Watch the video below to see me use it and see how it magically conceal my bald spots instantly !

Reminder, if you will be using the brush tip don’t touch it until it dries because it can be really messy and the stains are kinda hard to remove. Trust me I know. Haha!

Personally I am recommending the powder as it is no mess and very easy to applybwith the bkus applicator . Color is buildable so if you are not satisfied with the coverage just dab more until you get the effect you want!

If you want to try the Conceal instant Gray Hair Touch Up Solution before buying them visit to get free samples! Hurry freebies fly fast!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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