Inglot Beyond Freedom Launches Flexi Palette, AMC Brow Liner Gel Etc!

When did we ever said we have too much of makeup stuff?

A blogger friend said as we were torn at picking which makeup items to bring home with us at the Inglot Beyond Freedom launch event at the One Shangri-la Place in Ortigas.

Inglot, the brand who introduced the Freedom System, released four new products that we all happily swatched #beyondfreedom all over our arms. The new product releases were the Inglot Flexi Palette, , the AMC Brow Liner Gel, the Stick Foundation and the AMC Brow Liner Gel.

#inglotbeyondfreedomInfo Beyond Freedom

The Flexi Palette (Php1,895.00) is a rectangular case which has magnetic layer on the bottom of the palette that holds the pan in place which give the owner the freedom to rearrange and exchange each chosen Inglot Freedom System product easily.

The AMC Brow Liner Gel (Php895.00), was one of the favorites, since eyebrow is the thing in makeup lately. Its waterproof, with nourishing ceramids with a number of shades to choose from, I picked 15 because its not too dark and not too light.

While the INGLOT Stick Foundation (Php1,695.00) was beyond amazing. It has a numbe of shades and the one with the dark shades kinda make me think these are perfect for contouring (which is also another trend in doing makeup lately) .

Inglot Stick Foundation

Last but not the least was the 5 new additional shades of Bullette Matte Lipstick (Php895.00) collection, infused with vitamin E, its long lasting formula provides the ideal matte, smooth and even finish. It was so hard to pick between the four available at the event, what more if the nude like shade was there!

Finally Bullet Matte Lipstick shade swatches
These Girls are happy!

INGLOT Beyond Freedom#InglotBeyondFreedom
Happy swatching!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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