Would You Ever Let Anyone Do Your Grocery For You? My Honestbee Review

The first time I heard about Honestbee, I was skeptic about it.  Why would I let anyone do my grocery for me when doing the grocery is one of the most therapeutic chores I love to do myself?

But of course like a responsible blogger than I am (charot).  I gave the service a try and see if it is something we all should consider availing of.

So, I downloaded the Honestbee app on Google Play (it’s also available on iOS).  Created my account and started browsing.  To my surprise, they do more than just grocery shopping, they also have food delivery service.  But let me just focus on the grocery because this is completely a new thing in the Philippines.

Going through the app interface I saw the supermarket I frequently shop because it’s just downstairs.  What impressed me was the specialty stores they have like specialty wines, fresh milk, organic produce, specialty Filipino food, pet supplies and the like.

Because I wanted to try something I haven’t before, I shopped at Fresh Meat Options for fresh meat products.  I got a couple of meat (chicken and pork) and processed ones (longganisa) and pre-packed ready to eat just heat meals.

Honestbee review Philippines

After clicking your food choices, you will be asked for your delivery time and payment options and wait.

Honestbee review Philippines

Impressively they deliver promptly at the time you requested.  The items came fresh and nicely packaged.  Items I bought at Fresh Meat Options were really fresh so I shopped from them via Honestbee again for the second time.  Just like the first time, delivery was prompt and products were fresh.  Thumbs up!


Do I recommend Honestbee?  Yes, this is perfect for those who really don’t have time to shop for their groceries.  They deliver on time and products came fresh and nicely packaged.   I’m just sad that on my third attempt to shop at Fresh Meat Options via Honestbee they are no longer in the system.  To see what shops are available to visit Honestbee here click.

If you shop for more than Php500 items delivery fee/concierge fee is free.    If it is your first time using the app and you shop for Php2,500 worth of items, you also get a Php500 discount and free delivery!




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