A Made in Korea Whitening Soap and Cream Made by and for Filipinas

Most of the Korean whitening products popular here in the country are made in Korea for Koreans but still,  Filipino women use them.

Finally comes a product made in Korea but it is made for Filipinas, Seoul White Korea by Seoul Beauty Inc. , a company established in the Philippines with Jacque Yuengtian-Gutierrez as owners.


Seoul White Korea has to flagship products under their brand,  the Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap and the Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Milky Cream.


Seoul White Korea

The Double  White Whitening Soap is sold at Php29 to Php79 depending on the size. They swear that this kojic-acid with bearberry soap doesn’t melt fast like other kojic-acid whitening soaps and does not have the hapdi feeling and it smells sweet too!

Meanwhile,  the Seoul Whitw Korea Beauty Instant White Tone Up Milky Cream moisturizes sold for Php299 and instantly whitens upon application and with regular and continuous application you may achieve the white you deserve.  It uses arbutin berry,  white strawberry and donkey milk as ingredients.  However a warning the whitening effect does not last long on first or few use,  it washes off with water instantly.

Seoul White Korea Beauty product review

You may try Seoul White Korea products before you buy  at sampleroom.com.ph but if you want to go ahead and purchase it is available at Watsons ans your fave beauty counters at your fave department store.


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