Swatch Party: 10 Lipstick You Can Get from Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite Exclusive

I sold lipsticks I owned at the recently concluded  Bloggers United Bazaar 14th season aka #BU14 and a lot of those who bought lipstick there were asking me what shade of lipstick to get for their titas,  friends,  moms and sister.  There was a mom and daughter tandem who was looking for the right shade for Tita something.

The mom was pointing on the coral bright shade. “But she’s 50 plus maybe a little nude but has pink or red tones will look nice on her,” said the daughter.

Another twenty something buyer asked what lipstick should I get coz my lips gets really dry at times.

I am no lipstick expert but I have tried a huge amount of them and met a lot of people wearing them to maybe give you some tips on what shade and  type to get.  The Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite exclusive got 10 different shade and type of lipstick that you might want to get.  This is a perfect gift for you and your girl friends this Holiday.

What’s inside the Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite exclusive and the lipstick you can get from it here they are:

Pink Sugar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Iconic

Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite


Pink Sugar Creamy Matte Lippie in Rumor and Diva

Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite


Pink Sugar Sugar Tint in Truth or Dare,  Posh Purple, Honey Bunny and Pink Passion

Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite


Pink Sugar Project Vanity Lip Crayon in I Can’t Even,  Just a Fling and Love at First Swipe

Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite


No shade was alike so this box is super perfect as gifts to your girl friends,  mom,  sister or tita’s!  What  sets them different is also the finish,  the creamy matte lipstick and the project vanity lipstick are semi matte finish with moisturizing effect that doesn’t  crack and dry the lips.   While the Sugar Tint can be used as lip and cheek tint and has a matte finish that is long lasting.   The Velvet matte lipstick is matte finish and long lasting but is not drying.


This Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite exclusive is super sulit as well because normally one lupstick alone cost Php349-Php399 each times 10 lipstick that is almost 4k! The Lip Pop BDJ Box Elite is just Php1,999!

Visit @bdjbox  on Instagram to know how to order and get your own box now!

Stay gorgeous everyone

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