Best Time to Visit Maui and Things to Do there

Trending travel destinations these days are either located in Europe or Asia,  but have you ever thought about the USA?  Specifically in Maui? I am sure you have heard a lot about this island in U. S.  but still unsure if it is a place to be.  Or you are just worries that your timing may be off when you go there not knowing what to expect and when is the best time or season to visit.

Well,  here are some useful tip you can use. Weather-wise, Maui’s warm tropical climate remains consistent the whole year round. However, the temperatures can dip below 60°F during the coldest of winter along the coastal resorts. The only time you will find Maui’s weather unpleasant is when the winter storm covers the island and lash it with rains.

The best time to visit Maui are April through May, and you can plan a holiday even from September through November. Hawaii vacationers seek pleasant weather without the dense crowds.

Now that you are sure of when to go, start making your booking early to get more choices and enjoy more discounts. Maui beach house is immensely popular among holidaymakers as these houses are known to offer the best experience for lodging.

With your flying tickets and lodging is taken care of, it is time to know what fun you can have when holidaying in Maui.

• Start with the road to Hana
If you are not very sure how to start your trip, just drive along the Road to Hana. This is undoubtedly one of best things to do in Maui. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery filed with endless waterfalls, ocean cliffs, and hiking trails. This is a trip that you will never forget in your lifetime. The best way to enjoy is to stay at in Hana for a few days and enjoy the road trip.

• Visit the Bailey House Museum
Another must do a visit to the Bailey House Museum. It is the spot for the island’s best bookstore of local and cultural history. The museum showcases what life was like for original Missionary families. Moreover, you will find several ancient Hawaiian artifacts. you will also come across one of Duke Kahanamoku’s surfboards that rest outside on the lawn.

• Join the Outriggers Canoe Club
Outriggers Canoe Club is the way to experience how the ancient Polynesians arrived in Hawaii. Take a trip to South Maui waters and have great exercise and fun as you see the island and in the most affordable way! Experienced paddlers or cross-over athletes prefer to even a challenging paddle to Molokini Crater. Hawaiian Paddle Sports also offers outrigger canoe and cultural tours. It is indeed one of the best canoe tours in Hawaiian waters.

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• First Cathedrals for scuba diving
First Cathedrals is one of the most popular scuba sites in Maui It will take you about a bit under an hour to cross the channel from Lahaina to Lana’i. Start in the early morning hours when the conditions are calm and clear for successful dives. “Second Cathedrals” is about 15 minutes farther down and is another spot for best dives. You can stay on and decide which is the better spot for diving.

• Haleakala for hiking
Haleakala, a legendary spot on the planet is a site of mythology and magic. The frosty, multi-hued summit is where the sun was smeared by the demigod Maui, according to the legends. There is a magical show at sunrise and sunset each day. Most travelers spend the day exploring the landscape, but make sure to arrive in time for sunrise or sunset. It is a good idea to reserve a cabin and spend the night here.

• Snorkeling in Maui
Snorkeling is not only one of the most popular but one of the cheapest activities to enjoy in Maui. It will require only a few dollars to rent a set of snorkel gear. You should keep in mind that snorkeling just offshore is excellent, depending on the conditions. Snorkeling in the right areas will give you the chance to see plenty of marine life. Snorkeling at Molokini Crater is highly recommended as it boasts of loads of marine life in its protected waters.

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• Taste the Maui Wine
The vineyard in Maui may not be the world’s largest vineyard, but Maui Wine is the only place in the United States that comes with a tasting room. Located on Ulupalakua Ranch, this winery is set at the site where King Kalakaua would gamble and party away during his reign in the 1880s. Sip on Ulupalakua Red or sample their famous pineapple wine that is made from the fruits grown here.

• Dig in Maui’s impressive cuisine
Maui is famous for its diverse and impressive cuisine as those culinary masters from all across the world come under one roof here. So, the visitors get the chance to indulge in some of the most fantastic flavors. You get to savor fresh island food against the backdrop at the Maui Tropical Plantation. Let those personal chefs welcome you at the paradise at Maui Chef’s Table. So, save your appetite and don’t be shy as you are served buttery smooth Maui avocados, aromatic fresh mangoes, and free-range meats. Maui offers island-style fresh’ seafood for the culinary enthusiasts

• A helicopter ride over Maui
Another of the best way to explore the Maui is to take a ride in a helicopter. There are plenty of helicopter tours to picks from and discover the beauty of the island from a bird’s eye view. Gaze at jaw -dropping waterfalls in the Western side from above and fly over the clouds next to the crater of Haleakala Volcano. With a customs charter, one can fly anywhere in Hawaii. Some of the most requested sights include spectacular waterfalls, Hana Rainforests, and the Haleakala Crater.

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