Crazy Skin Lifting Masks Review

Crazy Skin Lifting Masks
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Crazy Skin Lifting Masks Review

Glass Skin is something we all want to achieve, thanks to the latest Korean Beauty trend.  But did you know that the secret to glass skin is in our pores.  The smaller and the cleaner the pores are smoother the skin surface will look like.

Open pores is the cause of problematic skin as it can easily absorb foreign substances causing our skin to break out.

Crazy Skin Lifting Masks promises to help close open pores,  lift sagging skin and brighten skin tone.  I was glad to recieve a package to try it out and I wss so happy with the result.

Please watch the video below to see in real time my experience using Crazy Skin Lifting Mask

What makes Crazy Skin Lifting Masks different from all the other face sheet masks I available in the Philippine market :

  1. You only need 8 minutes to let the essence in the mask sit on your face.
  2. Then you need to let dry the excess essences after removing the mask and wash it off.


Crazy Skin Lifting Masks Review Philippines

What’s in a Crazy Skin Ligting Sheet Masks?

  • Tencel Sheet Masks that is soft and non-irritating even for thise with sensitive skin.  The sheet is eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • It contains centella asiatica extract  high concentration of flavanoids and amino acids for anti-aging,  moisturizing and skin smoothening. This helps skin molecules from degration.
  • Japanese knotweed extract which contains resveratrol nown as ultimate anti-ager for its superb antioxidant abilities.  It boosts skin’s density, elasicity,  smoothness and firmness.  Simulates skins inherent internal protection.
  • Sklacap Herb which help reverse aging of the skon’s fibroblasts and restore their youthful strength.
  • Camella Sinessis Leaf Extraft (aka Green Tea)  rich in antioxidants and protrcts skin of free radicals.  Plus it contains methylxanthines that stimulates skins microcirculation and therefore positively influence the tone and health of the skin.

Crazy Skin Lifting Masks Review Philippines


What I think of the Crazy Skin Lifting Masks?

  • I love the immediate visible result that I saw just right after using it.  I woke up the next morning to attend a wedding and wow my face is glowing and just perfect (no oub intended)
  • You can actually feel the tightening effect when the mask is on and more so when you remove it and ket the serum/essence dry on your skin.
  • It actually feels like the white egg yolk mask (I am not sure if you have tried it but if you put a white egg yolk on your face that is how the tightening feels like)
  • I also feel very relaxed as the scent is so calming I could sleep with it on.
  • I love the silicone masks they included in the package it was the first time I used one.  It definitely helps keep the mask in place and all the moisture locked in and sip in your face and not just evaporate.

Here is my photo from the wedding the next day after and wow no filter needed just pure glow and smooth baby skin:

At my age yes I am super conscious  about my skin care and I am a fan of anti-aging products. Age is just numbers and I don’t want to show it. Glad there are products like this to keep me looking fresh and young all the time. I have nothing with old age but I am vain like that I wanna be forever young looking.

Crazy Skin Lifting Masks is available at all CNA stires in the country  visit for store location.  You can also buy this at  for more info follow their social media @chaphils.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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