Beauty Collagen Plus EX by HOO

2 Important Reasons Why I take a Beauty Collagen Drink Ex by HOO, you should too !

Have you heard about Beauty Collagen Drink?

When you reach my age, you know the line of 40s , you start to see the signs of aging.  Those signs include skin dryness and flakiness, sagging skin, and a lot of muscle and joint pains.   Let’s not forget hair thinning and wrinkles and so much more.  To prevent all of these from happening or showing up sooner than you expect, or at least delay their appearance you need to take a lot of extra supplements and vitamins .

I take a lot of supplements, at least probably about 10 things in a day.  One of them and one of my most favorite to take is collagen.  Why collagen?

Collagen is a group of proteins that connects and supports body tissues, including skin, bone, blood vessels, tendons, muscles and cartilages.

As we age, collagen deteriorates and skin starts to lose moisture; skin surfaces become uneven, skin loses its cushion, and wrinkles are formed.

I am so glad that I have discovered the Beauty Collagen Drink by  House of Obagi (HOO).  One 500 ML bottle is packed with all the good things I need to stay feeling and looking youthful.

What is Beauty Collagen Drink EX by HOO 

It is a liquid drink that’s already premixed and it is formulated with 4 ultimate skin revitalizing ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen (highest Hydrolyzed Collagen content in the market)
  • Glutathione (GSH)
  • Vitamin C
  • Coenzyme Q10

Hydrolized Collagen helps:

  • Improve skin moisture level
  • Improve skin suppleness
  • Improve skin smoothness
  • Prevent formation of deep wrinkles

Beauty Collagen Plus EX by HOO

What do I think about the Beauty Collagen Drink by HOO

The first time I encountered a college was 5 years ago when I was invited to a beauty event in Singapore.  It was a product made by one of the most well know brands in Korea and around the world but unfortunately, it was not available in the Philippines yet.

I take collagen powdered drinks before but the problem with collagen powder is that it is kind of an effort to dissolve.  So when I tried this Beauty Collagen Drink by HOO I was pleased, no more mixing and dissolving, all I need is to chill the bottle and shake before drinking!

I have been taking this for a month and so far my skin and joints have recuperated from the wear and tear of the entire year of the pandemic that I slacked with my skin and body care.  Yes, I stopped everything I was taking and doing because I feel so lost and it feel kind of useless because we are all just locked in our homes anyway.  Who is going to see or who is going to judge right?

Wrong.  Take care of your body and skin for yourself and you will thank yourself later for it.

I am so glad that I got this beauty collagen drink because It helped me catch up with all the neglect I did with my skind and body last year.

Beauty Collagen Plus EX by HOO

Do I recommend this Beauty Collagen Drink by HOO

Absolutely.  Aside from all the product information and expectations mentioned above about this product.  I personally drink collagen because of three things:

  1.  I drink this because I want to keep my joints not rustly or I don’t feel achy on my joints.  You see collagen helps make those cartilages healthy.
  2. I drink collagen because it helps skin elasticity.  It helps keep it plump and not looking dry.  Skin dryness is the one that makes our skin look dehydrated, aged, and tired.

I am not sure if this is safe for lactating or pregnant women but if not sure ask your doctor.

If you would like to purchase the beauty collagen drink you may click here , it is sold for Php300 a bottle or Php3,000 per box of 10 at the House of Obagi Site.