The Best Taipei Visiting Guide (Sightseeing, Tours, Shopping, Food Trip) Part 2

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The Best Taipei Visiting Guide (Sightseeing, Tours, Shopping, Food Trip) Part 2

After talking about the basic travelling to Taiwan essentials you need , such as airline,  cash,  transpo,  accommodation covered,  time to experience what Taipei has to offer.

There were people who said there’s not much to see in Taiwan,  but I disagree.  Albeit having only 3 days to explore some parts of Taipei,  I can say there’s a lot of things to discover here.


So,  where to go for sightseeing tourist spots in Taiwan?

Here is a Taipei Visiting Guide that I use when I went there:

Honestly,  I have no idea what to do or see in Taiwan except see cherry blossoms. I booked a Wuling Farm tour at KKDay because they were the only one offering the tour to the known Cherry Blossom capital of Taiwan.   Tour was about 11 hours as it is located in the mountains only special trips can go there and commuting is never an option.  The tour was priced at NTD1,050 or about Php2,000 not bad because it includes lunch and snacks,  sightseeing and picture taking at other venues near Wuling Farm , service and tour guide.   Unfortunately,  our tour was cancelled because it was raining hard that day so they had my  payment  reimbursed.

Because cherry blossoms was my main purpose for this Taiwan trip,  I also got booked for the Yangmingshan National Park and Hot Springs tour with Klook. Klook is a rising tour booking site for popular tourist destinations.   Use my Klook code 2UPW4 so you can get a Php165.5 discount upon checkout of your tour order or when you sign up.  You can book your tours for your upcoming trip to Taiwan,  Japan,  Korea,  Australia, Singapore, Hongkong etc here (click) Klook accepts Paypal or card payments and they respond very quickly to inquiries.

Cherry blossoms taiwan 2018 #EarthinTaiwan

Our Yangminshan (pronounced as Yummy) National Park and Hot Springs Tour took us to a beautiful flower garden / farm. Where we saw a cherry blossoms tree without the blossoms huhu (I was a week late!)  . But the Yangmingshan park was gorgeous with  numbers of beautiful flowers in bloom. It was too bad that it was raining really hard when we got there, it was way too cold,  like 8 degrees cold,  plus wind chill,  we were not able to take lovely #ootd photos or photos of the beautiful blossoms.

We also visited the Sulfur mountain. It was such a breathtaking view,  literally and figuratively.  The smell of sulfur is a bit choking but once you get used to it after a few minutes spending time there,  you wouldn’t mind it at all.

Sulfur mountain Taipei #EarthinTaiwan

The sulfur mountain had a lot of active steam coming out . We were told you can actually cook hard boiled eggs in a minute by just dipping it in the steam spots.  However we were bot able to do this because it was not allowed anymore.

After the sulfur mountain trip we were taken to the hot springs.  We tried their indoor hot spring bath .I was in a private hot spring room with a fellow  female traveller.   Hot spring bath is popular in Taipei as a form of relaxation after a long days work.  Our guide said people usually go there at night time.Hot spring Taiwan

Travelling to Taiwan Essentials

There is an indoor and outdoor hot spring bath area but people are required to go naked if they want to enjoy the outdoor hotspring.

Another trip I booked via Klook was my visit to the Taipei 101 Observatory . If you buy ticket directly at venue it is twice expensive! Via Klook it’s just NTD500 or Php850 if at the venue its NTD1000 or Php1700. Half price difference! I enjoyed my Taipei 101 tour as there was no time limit to be in the observatory. I stayed until the sunset and saw city lighta lit up. I was also able to view the entire Taiwan from the outdoor deck! Visitors can explore the 89th to 91st floor. The main view deck has restaurants and souvenir shops.

Taipei 101 #EarthinTaiwan Taipei 101 #EarthinTaiwan Taipei 101 #EarthinTaiwan Taipei 101 #EarthinTaiwan

The Zhongzhen District was two blocks away from where I was staying in Taipei. Little did I know it was the place where most of the Taiwan Government executive offices were located especially the Office of the President of Taiwan. If you love architecture and old buildings and nice city landscapes you’ll enjoy this district. I had a walking tour by myself and enjoyed getting “lost” in the city.#EarthinTaiwan #EarthinTaiwan #EarthinTaiwan #EarthinTaiwan #EarthinTaiwan #EarthinTaiwan #EarthiTaiwan

Taipei main Station is also a wonderful architectural and historical place in Taipei to visit.

Taipei Visiting Guide

Travelling to Taiwan Essentials

Where to go Shopping

Night markets is the place to be in Taipei for the most immersive experience .  Foods,  sights,  sounds,  people and culture it is all there.

Travelling to Taiwan Essentials

At the back of my hostel, Angel’s Hostel Ximen was a shopping block kinda like Divisoria, Baclaran and Quiapo,  there’s a lot of clothing, shoes,  souvenirs, wigs,  etc.

If you are looking for H&M , Forever 21, Stradivarius kinda peg of clothes, The name of the store is NET. You can find it near H&M, Uniqlo and Watsons across the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store.  I had to shop for cold weather outfit there  because it suddenly got cold in Taipei . I got a nice jacket for NTD399 or Php680 only! My travel buddy got her winter jacket for NTD599 or a little over Php1000 only! Uniqlo has same price tag as the Philippines but since it’s times 1.7 it is cheaper here in Manila.

Beauty stores are everywhere. You can shop for the best Taiwan beauty products at Watsons, Cosmed or even at 7-11 .

Taiwan beauty haul #EarthinTaiwan

But I got most of my beauty haul from Japan Medical coz it was near my hotel. It was across Starbucks at Ximen just below the Tasty restaurant . Plus they have a buy-one-get-one deal (BOGO) that I can’t resist. I asked the local people mostly the restaurant owner and thr hostel staff which is the most popular face mask brand in Taipei and they recommended Dr. Morita which was actually perfect coz it was on the BOGO deal. You cam get lost in a sea of face mask in Taipei so it is better to ask the locals or Google some of the best Taiwan made beauty products. I will talk about my beauty haul on anyther post.


There are a lot of places to eat, especially if you visit the Night Market, the Ningxia Night Market was swarming with a lot of foodie stuff! I only tried a streetfood there a strawberry coated with some caramel stuff. It was good maybe expensive for NTD100 (Php170) for two sticks or not I dunno.

One of my favorite restaurant there where I had my lunch almost all the daysI was there was the Beyco Curry Shokudo. I love their Beef Curry with Brocolli (NTD180 or Php306) and their Hawaiian Fruit Tea drink (NTD80 or Php136). I also like their Chicken Nuggets and their desserts (price range NTD80-100).

Beyco Curry Taiwan #EarthinTaiwan Beyco Curry Taiwan #EarthinTaiwan Beyco Curry Taiwan #EarthinTaiwan Beyco Curry Taiwan #EarthinTaiwan

I love the Yongkang Beef Noodle house it was near the Oxygen Hostel along that street. Noodles are oerfect to fight the cold weather!  I got a combo of noodles and a breaded pork for NTD80 only or PHP136.

If you are looking for pastries and baked goodies Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude  is the place to be.  It is like the French Baker in Taiwan and pastries starts at NTD20. I am more of a hot chocolate fan  and the one they are serving did not disappoint me (NTD60 or Php102)!

Yamazaki Taiwan #EarthinTaiwan

Starbucks in Taiwan  is very expensive I rather try local coffee lol.

Soy drinks are a hit in Taiwan,  just below my hostel was a Happy Bean on Life branch.  They serve pa-healthy stuff like soy milk and yummy sandwiches in chicken, beef, tuna or pork with cheese or without.  I had the hot sugar free soy milk for NTD40 and chicke teriyaki sandwich for NTS60-80.

Happy Bean on Life Taiwan

Drinks and snack vendo machines are all over the place as well . Price range starts at NTD10 .

You won’t get hungry there as there’s a lot of 7-11, Family Mart and Subway stores! You can get lost in a sea of tetra box drinks. Price range starts at NTD10 .

I find the Chef cooking their dinner in front of the people inviting when I was at Taipei 101 building. The restaurant’s name was Karen Tepanyaki   I ordered the chicken combo with rice,  cabbage bean sprout and soup for NTD300 about a little over Php500.  Food was not that spectacular but the experience of having it prepared in front was what I paid for.

Karen Tepanyaki Taipei 101 restaurant #EarthinTaipei

Was I able to share The Best Taipei Visiting Guide (Airline, Cash, Transportation, Clothes, Hostel, Sightseeing, Tours, Food, Shopping, etc. ) if I missed something out let me know on the comment section below. If will try to answer if I know it.


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Stay gorgeous everyone!


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