Buy or Bye: Baby Foot Miraculously Takes 1 Week to a Soft and Smooth Feet

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Buy or Bye: Baby Foot Miraculously Takes 1 Week to a Soft and Smooth Feet

I hated my foot lately because it got lots of dead skin,  kalyo (callus)  and dry skin. Inspite of going to at least twice a week foot spa at our local salon,  the callus seem to not go away but keeps getting thicker by the day.

I got this pack of Baby Foot Peel given to me by BeautyBox Corp and decided to use it last week.  I tried one before, a few years back and so I did not hesitste on using this one again.

Baby Foot review

It’s plastic sock with peeling gel ingredients inside.  You put your feet in the sock and let it soak for 30 minutes.  Then rinse off thoroughly.

Product Info

Baby Foot Peel is comprised of 17 plant extracts including AHA-rich fruit enzymes that break down desmosomes, the proteins that bind skin cells together, to release dead skin cells from healthy ones? Well yes, this product has that.

What to expect?

Do not expect peeling to happen right away.  The packaging indicated it will take 3 days after the soak before you see the peeling happens.

It took 4 days for me before I saw the active peeling.  It has been a week since I soaked and the peeling is still on-going.

Baby Foot peel review

It is recommended not to force peel even if  you are itching to do so.  The dead skin and callus will voluntarily pop and peel off!

Day 3

Baby Foot peel review
Baby Foot peel review
Day 4
Baby Foot peel review

Day 6

Baby foot peel review Philippines
Day 7
Baby foot peel
Baby foot peel

The product info said it will take 2 weeks for the peeling to be completely gone. I am looking at my feet now and I am happy about the result.

P. S.  It’s  not painful and the soak does not sting at all.  It feels like water.  Follow instructions on the soak and socks. Thank you !

Is it a buy or a bye?

If you are suffering from callus feet or feet with corns or lots of dead and dry skin you should definitely buy this one. No amount of foot spa or soak on petroleum jelly can peel off your feet this effectively.

It was sold for Php808 before but now on sale at Shopee for Php747 ! A price to pay for a really baby smooth and soft callus free feet !

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Stay gorgeous everyone!

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