Get Your Hands on the Zenfone MAX M1:  The New Kid on ASUS’ “Battery King” Block

ASUS Philippines’ latest offering in the well-loved ZenFone Max series lives up to the heritage of Battery Kings with its 4000 mAh massive battery life, incredible compact size, amazing 13MP+ 8MP wide-view dual rear cameras, and awesome 13MP selfie shooter.

I did an unboxing you may watch it below:

The ZenFone Max M1 officially made its debut in the Philippine market just a few days ago, having been earlier announced together with the widely-acclaimed ZenFone 5 series.

It follows a long succession of Battery Kings, as well as a lineage of game-changing ZenFones that continuously challenge the landscape of mobile photography. With its unbeatable combination of massive battery power and camera prowess, the ZenFone Max M1 is undoubtably a Battery King of its own right.


Get ready for the ultimate ZenFone Max M1 experience, that can last for a long time!

More than how long a battery lasts through the day or number of days regardless of usage, another factor to consider when choosing a phone is how long the battery will live to power up a smartphone without the need to purchase a new battery pack. Or, in other words, the battery lifespan. This factor is important because this helps the user understand how much of the smartphone they can maximize before moving on to the next. Luckily, this is a problem no one has to face with the ZenFone Max M1!

With up to 41 days of standby time, the ZenFone Max M1’s massive 4000 mAh battery will certainly be enough to power through all kinds of days in any kind of usage. Moreover, users no longer need to worry about the longevity and safety of the battery, thanks to ASUS’ exclusive PowerMaster that now comes with the newest Battery Care features.

The PowerMaster™, the built-in ZenFone Max exclusive that allows users to maximize the their battery experience, now comes with the newest Battery Care feature!

Zenfone Max M1

Embedded inside the PowerMaster™app, the Battery Care adds more options that can help further extend the ZenFone Max M1’s battery’s lifespan. One of the unique things about this exclusive feature is its ability to determine whether the battery is doing GoodFair, or whether it Needs attention – this will notify the user whether their recent charging habits have an impact on the lifespan of the battery. This is great for determining the needed steps to take to have a healthier and safer battery.

Another awesome offer the Battery  Care makes is 2X Battery Lifespan. This automatically changes the charging method to keep the battery in its best shape, by lowering the charge voltage and limiting battery aging.  Having this option is best for years and years of the ultimate ZenFone Max M1 experience and without the worry of the battery suddenly deteriorating.

There is also what is called the Scheduled Charging, which will dynamically adjust the charging rate according to the user’s habits. This helps lessens the stress on the battery and ensures its long life by patterning the charge after the user’s lifestyle. Enjoy a good night’s sleep without the danger of waking up to an overheated smartphone.

The newest add-on to the PowerMaster, the Battery Care, is one to look forward to with the ZenFone Max M1. Not only is this just a Battery King to enjoy for its capacity to last for numerous days, but this is also a Battery King to enjoy for ages! With this exclusive feature, users of the ZenFone Max M1 are sure to live their lives to the max without hitches!


The ZenFone Max M1 carries a 13MP+8MP wide-view dual rear cameras and a 13MP selfie camera, giving users maximum photography experience.

Of course, smartphone cameras are something to watch out for as well. The ZenFone Max M1 also boasts powerful shooters great for anyone’s everyday, on-the-go photography needs! Its 13MP+8MP wide view dual rear cameras are perfect for photographing all kinds of scenes within the frame. No one has to worry about those unaesthetic crops anymore!

The ZenFone Max M1’s 13MP selfie camera is one to look out for too. Together with its Spotlight LED flash, it becomes easier to bring out anyone’s stunning features. And, for added beautification, the ZenFone Max M1 comes with the SelfieMaster™ technology.

For immersive viewing experiences of photos that just been taken, the ZenFone Max M1 is crafted with full view 18:9 HD+ display, giving the best possible quality for viewership.

With a design of a 5-inch metal finish body and a weight of 150g, the ZenFone Max M1 has an incredible compact size while still jam-packed with all the features of a true daily driver. And it sits comfortably in the palm of the hands, allowing anyone the ease of a lightweight but action-filled lifestyle!


Zenfone Max M1

Just in time for enjoying the best of the summer season, the ZenFone Max M1 is officially available nationwidejust for the very affordable price of PHP 8,995.00!

For more information on ASUS, the ZenFone Max series, and other incredible products from ASUS, tune in to the ASUS Philippines Facebook Page and the ZenTalk Philippines Forum.

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