Hacks for the Perfect Summer Makeup

Perfect summer makeup

People look forward to summer plans and adventures. Summer is considered by Instagram babies to be the best time of the year because of the high sunlight (hello natural lighting) and abundance of summer eye candies on the beach. Summer is one of the times we want our make up to last the longest.

While the sunlight and good environment can surely make your photos look a lot better, your perspiration could give your make up a washed out look. Smudged mascara, a streaky foundation, a smeared eyeliner can certainly ruin your day. The rising temperature can certainly lead to a makeup disaster. Luckily a few simple tricks can make you look the way you want, even in the scorching heat.

Let’s have a look at some hacks for a long lasting summer make up:

1. Have a Strong Waterproof Base

Your skin type (dry, combination or oily) is one of the prime indicators of what you should wear on your skin. If you’re prone to sweating, you can also opt for cooling primers that not only helps in keeping your makeup on but also helps in hydrating your face. Don’t use powder cosmetics as a base because they have a tendency to flake and crack. Medicube has natural and organic concealers for sensitive skin with added SPF protection. Every person has unique skin tendencies and you should keep track of what ingredients or allergens create reactions on your skin.

If you live in a country with a tropical climate, it would be good to invest in a silicone-based foundation that allows your makeup to stay on longer in scorching heat. A good hack would be to mix a small amount of primer or waterproof concealer to make sure that your makeup base will last you the entire hot day. Some cosmetic lines have sunscreens that double as primer or makeup base.

If the weather is particularly hot or humid, you can wash your face with a regular soap or dab on an oil-free moisturizer before applying make-up. Since your skin is going to be oily, it’s important to use an oil-free formula on your makeup base. For a summer glow, you can use foundation that doubles as sunscreen (SPF) protection like The Lightbulb Essense Foundation by Shu Uemura.

If you’re planning to do some fun in the sun then ditch your regular powder foundations and go for liquid solutions like gel-based foundations. One simple hack would be to tap your foundation lightly on your face, concentrating on the uneven skin tones, blemishes, freckles and discolorations instead of applying in the entirety of your face to exude a natural summer look and avoid looking too made up. “Thin is in”. That saying applies not only to summer bodies, but summer makeup as well.

2. Natural Colors

The best way to make sure that your summer look stays on is to use colors that go with your natural complexion and not against it. Even though your product might say “waterproof”, a lot of other factors are unavoidable. The best colors to use are those with golden, orangish, brownish, pinkish and reddish hues since they can complement your natural skin tone and accentuate your natural beauty. Avoid using blues, greens, and purples because they could end up looking like patches or bruises on your face; unless you have really great products that work well even under the hot weather.

3. Eyes and Lips Makeup

Avoid mascara unless you’re 100% sure that the product you’re using is waterproof. A hack or replacement of mascara would be waterproof or gel-based eyeliner and false eyelashes. Mascara gives a very made-up feel and toning down with just eyeliner and false lashes creates a natural and subtle look that’s perfect for any summer outfit. Aside from that, mascara is unpredictable especially in an outdoor setting.

Powder eye shadows are okay to use but not recommended. There are a lot of new products like gel-based eye shadows that are good for summertime. Don’t use eye creams and other eye products except for primer unless you want to completely ruin your eye shadow. Most eye creams are not designed to hold makeup and they can actually ruin the pigmentation and longevity of your eye makeup.

The summer heat could easily cause swelling or chapping to your lips. If you can rock matte lipsticks then go for it, but some lips get dry when their lip product doesn’t have enough hydration. It’s important to remember that lip health is just as important as looking chic, and you can use a tinted lip balm like the one from Mizon for more natural-looking and healthy lips.

4. Finishing Touches

A beauty hack for the perfect sun-kissed summer look would be to use a bronzer. A bronzer not only defines the curves of your face but also gives the illusion of a beautiful tan when used lightly on key areas of your face. Bronzer, when coupled with a good highlighter, could give the illusion of a chiseled sun-kissed face.

Avoid using powder blushes since they have a tendency to crack or peel off in high heat. Gel-based or liquid blushes should be added to your arsenal. Asians prefer using lip and cheek tints because of their more natural reddish hue. Popular Korean brands have tints specially designed for cheek application.

A great hack for a lasting summer look is to set your makeup with a dab of loose powder and facial mist for lasting makeup and hydration. Look for the products that can also give an added layer of sun protection and SPF, like Skinfood’s facial mist.

The Best Summer Look

During summer outings and beach parties, the best kind of look is one that stays on throughout the day. One of the things you should always remember about summer is that water, moisture, and heat will have its affect on your skin so always choose the products that are natural and organic. Aside from that, having a golden, sun-kissed complexion should be coupled with light makeup that accentuates your natural beauty.

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