Unfriended: Dark Web Movie — What We Think About It — His and Her Opinion


Unfriended: Dark Web Movie — What We Think About It — His and Her Opinion

We just saw Unfriended : Dark Web a stand-alone sequel to the 2015 film Unfriended. If you haven’t seen that it is ok to just go straight and watch this new one.

What Marcus thinks of it?  His POV

You should know what to expect if watching this movie. I was not aware that this was part of a series and saw no previews, so I was a bit disoriented to find out the movie is shown from the point of view of one computer screen.

Kudos to the film makers for coming up with some authentic methods to tell the story without once leaving the computer screen.

If you’re a film fan, that alone makes this movie worth watching. The story, though clever and well put together, still left me a bit wanting. Perhaps because I cared little for the characters. This method of story telling doesn’t allow us to get close to the characters because the normal film making tools to show character are taken away. That’s not to say there were not emotional moments and a few good scares.

Overall, entertaining, but I won’t be talking about this tomorrow, except maybe to remind my friends to cover thier webcams when not being used.

Unfriended Dark Web movie review

What Earth thinks of it? Her POV

I have seen the first Unfriended and inspite of that the story is a scary thing to imagine.  It could happen or it is happening in the real world right now, who knows!

It is made the same way they did on the first one so nothing showing us the perils of going deep into the dark web or the web of internet things we can’t understand.

If you want to scare your friends who likes to group chat or meet people online have them watch this movie.  Plus don’t snoop on someone elses laptop or devices coz you will never know what you will find when you do. It can definitely hurt you, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Either or the torture is real.  Just like a jealous girlfriend snooping into his boyfriends devices it is not good for your mental and emotional health. Do not do it. Haha!


Unfriended : Dark Web is showing exclusively on SM Cinemas starting August 8,2018.  Book your tickets through the website www.smcinema.com or download the SM Cinema mobile app.

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