Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer

Buy or Bye: Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review

Just recently I had an FNT (fine needling treatment) at my skincare salon (will talk about this treatment really soon).  Because of this treatment my face got battered bad it looked like someone who got sunburned on the face.  The redness was really bad that I skipped going to an event the next day. Luckily, Bell Cosmetics sent over some of their products including the Bell Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer that I used the next day when I had a commitment to attend to.


Product info

Bell Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer neutralizes the appearance of redness. Conceals cappiliaries, skin imoerfeftions, blemishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin optically making it look healthy and natural.  It also help extend the life of makeup.

Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer

Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer


What I think of it?

I don’t really like using primers because I feel it’s too much for the Philippines hot humid weather .  Some of the primers IveI tried we’re sticky and heavy and leaving me feeling greasy sometimes.

I was surprised to see how non-greasy and sticky  this Bell Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer was.  It gets absorbed by the skin easily , feels very light on the skin too like a moisturizer.

It’s also not sticky and doesn’t melt our or fall off.  Product is very spreadable and glides on skin easily. Finish is semi-matte .

Upon blending onto the skin immediately you will see your facial redness neutralized so when you apply your foundation and concealer you no longer need to worry your red spots showing.

Before and after

Before was a shot before applying the primer. The after was after applying the primer and topping it off with my regular makeup (concealer and and foundation)

Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer

Do I recommend the Bell Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer?


I have never been satisfied and happy with a primer ever. My favorite part of this primer is that it’s light and non-greasy or sticky.

You may get this product at Bell Cosmetics counters at SM Beauty section.


Stay gorgeous everyone!




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