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I Time Traveled Through Philippines History via Virtual Reality Diorama in Ayala Museum and it was intense.

Whenever I travel, especially out of country, I make it a point to visit museums. I always want to know the roots of history and culture of a place and how it has evolved to the now. I’ve always admire dioramas. How exquisitely they are made, each piece of it to recreate an entire scene in a scaled in three dimensional manner.

However, the times are changing , attention span are short. People have become more visual than ever.  They can’t grasp an idea or emotion if you just tell or show them.  People these days need to experience it before they can actually learn .

Here comes I AM Cardboard Philippines and Ayala Museum who collaborated to make history come to life! They recently launched the first ever Virtual Reality Diorama in the Philippines and now released their second one.

The Virtual Reality Diorama is a live-action diorama that leverages innovative technology and crew and staff including directors , actors and actresses, set and creatives and everything else.  The result is a high-quality 360 degrees video and virtual reality experience  that create an immersive interaction between the museum visitor and the content.  It is like you on a time travel machine seeing parts of the history unfold right in front of your eyes.

The look and the feel of it as you watch is not just like watching a movie or TV show as you can look around at any direction you want. You can focus on one character and study his mannerisms and feel how he/she actually feels.

I was there and watched two VR Diorama, the first one that I am Cardboard Philippines made with Ayala Museum, Rizal’s execution.  It was made in three different parts, the point of view of the people watching the execution, one of the soldier who shot Rizal and Rizal himself.

The second VR Diorama is the one entitled “Emergence of the Filipino Nation” that features iconic Philippine heroes Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio.  It was so intense and thought provoking especially when you look around and see and feel everything unfold before you.

The great thing about the VR Diorama is that it will not tell you a story based on one perspective only.  You can look whatever you want and feel and form an opinion yourself.

Here’s a vlog of what you can expect when you visit the VR Diorama at Ayala Museum:

The Diorama Virtual Reality Experience / VR Diorama can be experienced at the Ayala Museum and it will be permanently be there for everyone to enjoy .  Admission fee to the museum applies.

I recommend you go experience this. This is the perfect place and time to have kids learn history better.  I do hope that I am Cardboard Philippines and Ayala Museum continue to do this with other turning points of Philippine History so as to make the younger generation appreciate what we have now than before or understand why it came to this. And maybe have other museums follow suit.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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