The Grinch Movie Review — His and Her Opinion

The Grinch reimagines the 1957 book How The Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Suesss and movie was made by Illumination films same people who did the Minions . What does a 3D animation can offer compared to the old Grinch movies we seen in the past one of them not animation even.

Let Marcus and I tell you what we think about the animated The Grinch showing in theaters November 28,2018 and rated G by the MTRCB


What Marcus thinks of it? His POV

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! That’s the only part of the song I know, and I sing it over and over. Quite annoying. But we all know the Grinch story, right? Famous Dr. Seuss book I grew up with, so I know how it goes. I found it odd they would make another animated version of it, but what the hell, I’ll watch.

First thing I noticed is that it’s made by the same people who did the Minions, Illumination. So that’s cool. That company has a unique comedic style and I hoped to see it in the movie. They actually gave us a little Minion short at the start of the movie. My date, Earth, was laughing hysterically at the Minions as they got beat up and abused, like they do.

The Grinch movie was pretty much the same. Had some fun Dr. Seuss graphical elements. The humor was a bit different than the previous movies. It was silly and fun. But what really struck me as different was that the Grinch himself was not so Grinchy. He had a sweet side that they really weren’t trying to hide. With that, and that they actually gave a reason why he didn’t like Christmas, it was a different kind of story. The little girl character also had a bigger part in this one. Her and the other Whos were very cute, almost realistic characters.
The story does deviate a tiny bit from the original, but I think in a good, more fulfilling way. The characters have more purpose than just good guy/bad guy. The soundtrack was given a little hip hop vibe that was pretty cool. I didn’t really recognize any voices except for Kenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live. But I recognized Cumberbatch when saw his name in the credits. If you’re a Seuss fan, or have kids, this is a more modern take on the story that you should go see.

The Grinch Movie 2018 review

What Earth Thinks of it?  Her POV

The first Grinch movie I ever saw was the one that was not animated staring Jim Carey. I liked that one especially the graphics and antics of Jim Carey.  I was not expecting much about the animation except maybe it’s easier to make those complicated twist and turns only easy to do in animation/ cartoon.

It started with a narration , like a bedtime story time.  Reading my notes I learned that it was Pharell Williams narrating so cool!

I could bit recognize any of the voices until the end when I read in the credits it was Benedict Cumberbatch which is cool.

I don’t remember the story in the book by Dr. Suess , maybe I have not read it at all.  But the story I know of from.the previous non animated movie is pretty much the same as the animated one except maybe the dog I don’t remember dog before and the reindeer which looks more like a moose.

It is a very timely film not made for oldies like me but for kids and the young generation . The kids of the nowso they can have a good moviem relevant to the modern times. The Grinch is a tale about the transformative power of forgiveness and is a film that empowers people of all ages to be hopeful, compassionate and generous of heart, not just at Christmas, but every day of the year.

I am definitely kids will love it .  I enjoyed the short movie clip with the Minions . The Minions never fail to amuse me for some reason.


The Grinch Movie 2018 review

Movie Info

The Grinch is directed by SCOTT MOSIER (producer, Clerks, Chasing Amy and YARROW CHENEY (co-director, The Secret Life of Pets), and is written by MICHAEL LESIEUR (Keeping Up with the Jonses) and TOMMY SWERDLOW (Cool Runnings), based on the book by Dr. Seuss. The film is edited by Chris Cartagena (Free Birds), and the art director is COLIN STIMPSON (The Secret Life of Pets). The music is composed by four-time Academy Award® nominee DANNY ELFMAN (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline), and the film features an original song — “I Am the Grinch” — by Grammy Award® nominee TYLER, THE CREATOR, who also performs a contemporary version of the TV-special theme song, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” reimagined by himself and Elfman.

  The film is executive produced by CHRIS RENAUD (Despicable Me 3, Minions), LATIFA OUAOU (producer, Puss in Boots) and AUDREY GEISEL (The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who!).

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