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This is How it’s Like to Dine at Stoned Steaks House #IGotStoned

Have you ever seen or tried cooking your own steak (and eating it too)  using a lava stone?

I have and it’s totally new but delicious experience for me that I very much enjoyed at the Stoned Steaks House in Quezon City!

I am a meat lover , there’s no shame in that,  if you want to invite me to try your restaurant or go on a date with you haha just day steak and I will be there.  So when She invited me to try their dishes and one-of-a-kind stoned steaks I did not Bart and eyelash.

Cooking via lava stone is one of the oldest and healthiest forms of cooking.  While it is a cave man way of cooking I felt like a royalty being treated to a scrumptious meal at Stoned Steaks.  It was such a delight to see my own Dry-Aged Prime Ribeye Steak (Php3,800) cooked right in front of my eyes using a 350 degrees Celsius lava rock!   It is not everyday you see this kind of cooking.

Stoned Steaks House Review

The size of the steak is good enough for sharing for two.  You can also control the way your steak is cooked this way too,  medium well,  medium rare or well done,  it’s up to you.  Definitely a unique way to enjoy your meal,  something that only Stoned Steaks house can offer!

Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review

But aside from their mouth-watering delectable steaks.  Stoned Steaks has a lot of delicious dishes to offer.

Actually  before the star of the restaurant (the steak) was served to us, we had a bunch of starters they have us tried too.  It was a great full course meal to be exact.

First was the mushroom truffle soup to warm our bellies.

Stoned Steaks house review

Then Oyster Rockefeller (Php380) baked oyster with Parmesan and blue cheese on top.  Yum!


Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review

Truffle Parmesan Fries (Php220) a thinly cut crispy fried kinda chips like texture!

Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review

Mushroom Alfredo Pasta (Php480) I love the creaminess and mushroomyness!

Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review

Beef Patty Melt (Php590) 

Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review

Kimchi Fried  Rice (Php120) and Steak Fried Rice (Php130) to compliment your steak if you are a rice eater!   Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review

And never skip desserts!  Choco Lava Cake (Php265) and Banoffee Molleux (Php265)

Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City reviewStoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review


What I think of Stoned Steaks house? 

My overall dining experience at Stoned Steaks is delightful,  I would definitely go back . I am so glad I was with my partner-in-crime Marcus (who also did his review on his blog Marcus in Manila)  to share the entire meal with or else I don’t know how to finish it all!

Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review

The price for the steak might be steep for a lot but I guess it’s not just the steak itself  you are paying for but the unique dining experience of having it cooked on hot lava stone!  The meat is high quality and juicy and tasty.  I can taste it in my mouth as I write!

I like the rest of the dishes they served except I was expecting a regular fries that’s soft in the middle kinda thing  and not the chips kind of texture.   But I heard it is one of their best sellers.  Maybe if I have not set my mind into getting the regular kind of fries I would have enjoyed it.  Well actually I enjoyed it except I was looking for a normal fries coz there was potato chips spread all over the Beef Patty Melt.

Stoned Steaks restaurant Quezon City review


Where to find Stoned Steaks? 

Stoned Steaks is owned by Dick and Mars Balajadia who discovered lava cooked steaks  while on a cruise and decided to use same method in this new restaurant they opened.

Stoned Steaks is located at Tomas Morato Sct. Rallos Quezon City and may soon open a branch at Eastwood City.   For bookings and reservations you may call 09177073837 or +6328663807.

You may want to watch my vlog about this and see us eat in action and our uncensored /unfiltered comments!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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