Sad that Christmas is over? Now it’s time to treat yourself!


It’s always a little bit sad when the Christmas tree and all the decorations come down. But not so sad when the kids go back to school and your Mother-in-Law goes home. If you’ve had a totally hectic Christmas, will a diary full of social events that you couldn’t get out of, costume making for the nativity, endless gift shopping for endless relatives and a partner that only knew what they got when they opened them on Christmas Day, then you’re not alone! So, now we’ve entered a New Year, why not take the time to treat yourself for a change?

Read on for 6 ways to make 2019 the year that’s all about you.

A new makeup routine

It’s really easy to fall into the same old makeup routine. Afterall, most of us just want to get out of the house as quickly as possible so we usually opt for something that is simple, straightforward and gets the job done. So, why not switch it up a bit? You could totally transform your makeup routine with a new foundation – for the best foundations click the link – or a new lipstick or primer. You could also improve your skin care routine and get into the habit of cleansing, toning and moisturising every day. Your skin will thank you!

Book a night away

If you don’t have anyone to go with, then don’t sweat it! There’s nothing wrong with booking yourself into a lovely hotel room, running yourself a hot bubble bath, listening to some new music or a new podcast, then laying in your robe watching a good film with some of your favourite snacks. Or you could order room service, just like they do in the movies!

Make more time

If you can, consider booking the afternoon off work and going to do something you’ve had to put on hold. Starting a new class, finishing that book you’ve been meaning to get through, going to see a film before it’s no longer being shown, heading outdoors to spend some time in nature, or just spending some time listening to your own thoughts.

Treat yourself

That gorgeous pair of boots you’ve been looking at all December? Well, go and treat yourself to them! Get them gift wrapped and delivered to you with a note reminding yourself of how great you are and how hard you’ve worked over December.


Got a favourite restaurant? Book a table for one and go and enjoy your favourite meal! Don’t worry about looking a bit odd sat there on your own – more people do it than you think! When you’re nice and full, sit and watch the world go by.

Go and watch the sunset

Find a great vantage point, take a flask of hot chocolate or your favourite drink, a blanket and even some pillows and watch the day turn into night. This is a great one to do with your partner or someone you love, but going alone gives you time to reflect and just enjoy nature in all it’s glory.

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