What Do You Think Will Happen When Creators Rule the World?

What if Creators rule the World

At the moment, available data on digital citizenship  shows that  only one percent of the population are creators . The rest are either contributors (9%) and lurkers (90 %).


What if we reverse the pie and creators rule the world!


Some of the scenarios I think about would be:

  1.  A lot of repetitive content, but
  • the one that will outshine the other would be the most creatively executed,
  • has a lot of creators collaborating to do it and make it work 
  • everyone will scrutinize/criticize each other
  • everyone will all be looking forward to the next and enjoy less the present and the now
  • The creators themselves with also be the consumers

Another scenario will be:

  • When creators rule the world authenciticy will be the norm.
  • When creators rule the work I think authenticity will be something everyone will clamor for because since everyine is creating content not all of it are real some if it will just be to get attention . The ones who genuinely show empathy and is relatable will be the ones who will be reliable . The ones who create content that is not curated and fake will be the ones that will be admired on.
  • The rules will be strict, fake news will not be accepted.
  • People will not just share to share and become viral and get noticed. people will be more responsible with whatever they share .
  • Creators will be responsible and careful about things they share. While some will still be dumb and funny (categorized properly as entertainment only). Most will be thoughtful .
  • Contents will all be mostly about helping, understanding, educating , informing.
  • Decision making on laws, products and everything we see as mundane will all be important.

When creators rule the world, everyone will have accountability, everyone will be responsible and everyone will be wise in making their purchases and life choices because creators makes us think and makes us react. They spark an idea that makes us do something about it.


I guess that is not a bad thing .


What do you think?  Let me know in the comment section below.

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