Captain Marvel Movie Review – His and Her Opinion

It is great that Marvel finally realeased a female Super Hero franchise title character for the first time, it’s been long overdue.  

Marcus and I were the first ones to see it here in the Philippines during the special screening held at the Podium Directors Club last February 27.  Movie will be showing today March 6, perfect timing for Women’s Month. So here is what we think.  No Spoilers!

What Marcus Thinks of It? His POV

What I knew of Captain Marvel wasn’t very good. It was an early hero of Marvel and was pretty much a version of DC’s Superman. I’m not a fan of super heroes that have unlimited powers. But I was hopeful that wouldn’t be the case here.
IT’S AN ORIGIN STORY! I love origin stories. As we watched, it was a lot of fun to piece together other things we knew about the Avengers and the Agents of SHIELD TV show. But I guess that is the point of a prequel. It is fun to see how things came to be.

I was also happy to see that this hero was not all-powerful. She has limits and that makes her more interesting to watch. We get to hope she can defeat the bad guys. Also, we get to learn about this at the same time as her, due to her lack of memories of her past. The storyline is clever and put together well. There was one moment, where a truth was revealed, that felt too easy. If your whole belief of the Universe was challenged by a stranger, would you just believe them? I just felt, at that moment, more proof would have been nice. Of course, if you know Agents of SHIELD, you already know these truths, but the characters do not.

If you’re watching the Avengers series, you don’t HAVE to watch this movie, because they didn’t really give any more information needed for the upcoming Avengers End Game. But, it is fun to see how things started out for the Nick Fury and Earth’s super heroes. I have a strong feeling you will see Captain Marvel in the End Game, but I’m sure they’ll review her powers for you. So, it isn’t necessary to know how she got them (though I think relevant to final solution, whatever that might be).


Captain Marvel Movie review

What Earth Thinks of It?  Her POV

I won’t spoil the movie for you all because I also want you to enjoy the same feeling I got when I first saw the movie.  What I am about to offer today are pointers for you to remember so you can enjoy the movie more.  I’m sure not all of the movie goers know the story of Captain Marvel and this movie will be the one to introduce her to the Marvel Movie Universe.

Tip #1 :  Watch Agents of SHIELD!

If you haven’t yet catch up on Netflix you won’t regret.  I’m actually waiting for the next season.  But since after the Avengers Infinity War I’ve been telling people that SHIELD has something to do about the ending when Fury sent a signal on his two-way pager.

Tip #2:  Love cats?  Keep your eyes peeled on the orange cat! Cats are the best ?

Tip #3:  As always stay for the after credit and the end credits. There is always two Easter eggs that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Tip #4:. Brush up on all your Marvel Universe Movies dating back to the first Thor Movie it’s all connected!

After you watch the Captain Marvel movie let’s discuss, I want to talk about the tesseract, the Kree, agent Coulson and Nick Fury and even Captain Marvel herself .  Watch Shield please so we have more point of references to talk about haha.

I’m not a comic book geek but the Captain Marvel movie was based on the comic so tell me if the movie is closer to the comics with of course embellishments for cinematic purposes.

Oh, Captain Marvel aka Brie Larson is the actress in Skull Island, if your thinking where have you seen her before or I’d her face don’t look familiar.

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