Buy or Bye: Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions

Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions review
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Buy or Bye: Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions


Don’t we all want a voluminous hair especially when we see all those gorgeous Victorias Secret  models strutt their stuff on the runway  like Angels!

Actually their secret is hair extensions, lots and lots of them.   So when Amazing Beauty sent me a message saying they want to send me their tape hair extensions I said yes right away . Okay no, I asked if they ship door to door in our country coz you know how imported stuff gets “lost” in the way when you use our postal service.

Fortunately, they do , and they used DHL so within less than a week the hair extensions I specifically wanted them to send me was at my door ready to be applied . Plus a bonus of flase eyelashes in the package too!

Product Info

Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions is one of the latest hair extension innovation. It uses reusable non-allergenic hair tape made in the USA. All you do is tape it on to your hair and your good to go.

Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions

Trying it on with my boyfriend

First of all,you need somebody else to do it for you, unless you can twist your arms to reach the back of your hair.   I asked my boyfriend Marcus to help me out in putting it on.  Yes, it’s so easy to use that even your inexperienced super straight boyfriend can do it!  They should be very patient and willing to do it!

Actually, before asking him to do it, I asked my friends on Facebook if they wanna collab video to do my hair.  But a brilliant friend commented saying I should make my boyfriend do it,like one of those boyfriend challenges , everyone else clamored for it to happen and so the rest is history!

Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions review Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions review

How we did it?

First, I asked him to watch a how to put in a tape in hair extensions video, so he will have an idea how to do it .  It was both our first time so we don’t have a clue on how it suppose to go.

Next prepare for the worst!  I did not expect it to be perfect. I was there for the fun of it!  I’m glad Marcus was patient , supportive and game so  doing it together was a fun activity.

How it went?

For a first timer, Marcus did a good job.  I think he may have misunderstood the overlapping it actually said do not overlap and take as little amount of hair and get close to the roots as possible.  But the entire process was fun,that’s all that matters it was fun .


What do I think of the Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions ?

  • I got the Platinum blonde #60 shade and it was a perfect match for my hair.
  • I love how soft , smooth, straight and shiny the hair was. I wish my hair was like that.  It said on the package it was real human hair!
  • It was light and blended well with my hair. Except my hair is really frizzy you need to brush and iron it to make it same as the Amazing VeutyB Hair Extensions, but as it is both my hair and the hair extensions it blended really well.
  • If you don’t know I had hair extensions on you barely notice.  As long as I keep.kybhaor tied in a way the tapes won’t show ( I think Marcus did not remove the other white covering the tape it suppose to look transparent and it’s a double tape style.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy like a regular wig. It doesn’t weigh my hair down.  It doesn’t fall off  or shred even if you tug on it.  It was easy to remove.
  • A few days after having it on, I needed to remove it coz the overlapping is getting uncomfortable on my head.  Maybe on our next try,yes we will do a next try, Marcus said he will make it better.  I have one more package to use plus the one have tried on is reusable.  I’m excited for a more thicker hair!  We plan to trim the hair coz it’s super long.
  • I got the 18 inches length, I should have gotten the shorter one.  A package has 20 pieces of hair extensions on it. It would look so much better for volume and length if we used all 40 pieces!

Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions review

Is it a buy or a bye?

Definitely a buy!  It should last about 6-8 weeks if applied properly .  It’s very light and really blends well with your real hair.  It’s perfect for special occasions or if you just need a little more boost on your hair volume.  You always need someone to put it on for you if you are going to put at the back of your hair but of just reachable areas you can do it yourself.


You may get your tape in hair extensions at Amazing Beauty Hair websiteAmazing Beauty Hair website, their having their Spring 2019 sale right now.  They ship free worldwide!


Watch how my boyfriend put in my tape in hair extensions  here :

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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