Bold and Undamaged: How to maintain a Bold Hair Colour Right

Bold and Undamaged: How to maintain a Bold Hair Colour Right

Bold hair colours are in trend now and they aren’t likely to fall out of fashion anytime soon. However, if you’ve ever dyed your locks coral, sapphire blue, or ash blonde, you know how little those gorgeous colours last. Therefore, one has to get another treatment soon, which causes massive hair damage in the long run. Therefore, to keep your tresses healthy yet bold, you need to reduce the frequency of colouring. Doing this won’t be as easy as using products for dyed hair. In fact, you might not need those altogether, but you’ll definitely need to master at-home tinting and colour-safe shampooing technique.


How to Keep Bold Hair Colours Fresh Longer: It’s All in the Washing


It’s true that maintaining your artificial hair colour is mostly about the washing. It will wash out every time you shampoo your locks, this is inevitable due to the chemical processes involved. Therefore, while you can protect the colour a bit avoiding sunlight and using heat-protection spray when styling, you need to be most careful when washing your locks.

Please note that protection from UV rays and heat are no less important. Influence from those makes those pretty bold-coloured pigments break down much faster. Using both an SPF hairspray and products that protect your locks during heat styling is essential. You should also wear a hat or a scarf while outdoors because SPF sprays aren’t perfect in their protection.

Another important note is to avoid chlorinated water. Skip the pool if possible or use a silicone cap to protect your coloured locks from the water. This is most important for those why bleach their locks into any shade of blonde because chlorine might react poorly with bleach. Note that ‘poorly’ might result into your hair turning green. But the risk of that isn’t big.


Guide to Shampooing Bold Coloured Hair
  • Avoid shampooing for 72 hours

Forget about shampooing for three days after you get your locks treated with some amazing unnatural colour. This will give the colour time to set and ‘soak’ into your hair. This should not only maximize how long it will last but to also enhance the vibrancy of your new shade.

  • Use tinting shampoo and/or conditioner

Colour fading is unavoidable and re-dying too often is bad, so tinting is your best solution. As you lose most of the colour when washing your locks it’s logical to apply a tinting product at this time to minimize the damage.

Note that in the majority of cases, you won’t be able to find the perfect tinting shampoo and conditioner on the market. There are Fanola hair care products for bleached hair which prevent its yellowing. They contain purple pigment and are perfect for ash, silver, and platinum blondes.

However, if you dye your locks pink, blue, or green, you’ll need to make your tinting hair care products yourself. This is rather easy as you only need to buy some semi-permanent colouring product in the same shade and mix it with your shampoo or conditioner (or both). Then, adjust your hair washing routine and leave in both products for a few minutes before rinsing.

  • Turn down the water temperature

As mentioned before, heat is extremely damaging for blood hair colours because the pigments in them are unstable chemicals by default. Therefore, you need to wash treated locks with warm-to-lukewarm water.

Rinse your hair with cool water. You can even use rice rinsing water to enhance restoration of the locks damaged by clouring treatments. If you are some type of warm blonde shade, consider using a homemade chamomile hair rinse to give your tresses a soft golden glow.

  • Shampoo less often (but shampoo!)

The ‘no poo’ method is getting more popular despite its ridiculous (and somewhat disgusting) name and lack of any scientific evidence to support its benefits. This ‘method’ advocates dropping shampoo altogether and either rinsing your hair only or using various shampoo alternatives which are supposedly healthier. Those range from baking soda to cleansing conditioners (there’s a lawsuit questioning the safety of those).

Bold and Undamaged: How to maintain a Bold Hair Colour Right

If you want to go with the ‘no poo method’, go ahead and stop shampooing. However, bear in mind that whatever you choose as an alternative might be damaging your artificial hair colour worse.

Otherwise, you only need to cut down the frequency of washing to 1-2 times a week. Use dry shampoo in between if your scalp is naturally very oily.

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