Mesoprotech Sun Protection Technology by Mesoestetic and Why do We Need to Use Sunscreen/ Sunblock

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Mesoprotech Sun Protection Technology by Mesoestetic and Why do We Need to Use Sunscreen/ Sunblock

Myth: you don’t need to use sunblock coz you have dark skin or you want to tan!
Fact: Naturally dark skin or tanning ,you still need sun screen to protect your skin from signs of aging.

What are the signs of aging? Dark spots or age spots (melanoma) a discoloration of the skin in patches! Wrinkles ! Dry and dehydrated skin! If you don’t want that showing up on you skin, slather as much sunblock as you could as often as you could!

I just recently discovered Mesoprotect a range of sun protection/ photoprotection product that protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun UVB rays by Mesoestetic .

Mesoprotech comes in six different variants that are made for specific use and specific part of the body and catering to all skin types.  Most of them are  water Some of them have matte finish, water light and for specific parts of the body!

Mesoprotech sun Protection by Mesoestetic

My personal favorite is the Mesoprotect Sun Protective Repairing Stick SPF100+.  It’s in stick form like a lip balm. Fragrance free. Non Sticky and specifically to use on your lips, around the eyes including the eyelids, eye contour, scar and dark spots. It is perfect to use when you need to reapply sunscreen but you are wearing makeup. It is also perfect to use when doing water sports as you can use it on your eye areas without the stinging sensation most sunscreen do!

Next on my list is the Mesoprotect Mineral Matt Anti-aging Fluid SPF50+.  Compared to the usual Sunscreens we know this one gets rid of excess oil and shine on the face when you use it leaving a nice matte finish. Perfect for combination and sensitive skin.

I like the Mesoprotect Light Water Anti-aging Veil SPF50+ because as the name suggest it is water light .  Finish is satin like/ transparent shine.  It is perfect for the hot humid weather we have and you don’t want that nasty icky sticky feel.

Now for dry and mature skin, the Mesoprotect Nourishing  Anti-aging Oil SPF130+ IS the bomb.  This is best used on less cared for parts of the body like our hands and feet which  up can really give away our age.  It is tinted when you take it out of the bottle but it blends on your skin no matter what skin tone you have. Satin soft finish leaving skin looking fresh.

They also have the Mesoprotect Sun Protective Lotion SPF30+ cream type perfect for daily use.

You may visit @mesoesteticph on Instagram to connect with the brand and ask specific questions about their product like where to get them and how much.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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