The Sun is Also a Star Movie Review – His and Her Opinion

The Sun is Also a Star movie review

We have been watching a lot of action ,adventure, sci-fantasy filled movies lately that a simple movie is just too plain and boring.

Marcus and I watched the advanced screening of The Sun is Also a Star movie at the Red Carpet Cinema of Shangri-la just recently and here’s what we think about it.

What Marcus Thinks of It? His POV

Sun is also a Star is a simple romance story with very little conflict or reason to want the main characters to succeed.

The main “connection” between the characters was a phrase randomly written down…and then later misinterpreted.

It’s a simple romance story where the main characters fall for each other very easily and are torn apart by external forces. A boring story to me, but for people who like romance stories, it might be good.

The Sun is Also a Star movie review

What Earth Thinks of it? Her POV

I like how The Sun is Also a Star tried to be relatable with the “millennials” kind of movie goers. It tried to be diverse by showing different culture and color and race.  It tried to be smart and relevant with substance by bringing out “real world” problems in America and how it tried to be shallow by injecting that “falling in love” can be manufactured and influenced  . It also tried to cute and romantic by putting on scenes that make you go sigh or kilig. It tried.  Did it succeed?  Not just quiet.   Or maybe I’m just too old for this kind of movie.

You see when you reach a certain age, you get to become too skeptic  about romance and love .  Love is an illusion. Love is hormones as the lead girl in the movie said. Ooops sorry for the spoiler.

If you want to see an artsy made shots (instagrammable shots). If you want to see fresh new faces and fresh new way to see a movie.  No elaborate special effects , no save the world mission type and all that too big of a conflict, this is a movie to watch. It is 2 and 1/2 hours long so yup go with someone you can endure mushy kind of movie .

The Sun is Also a Star is now showing in Philippine Cinemas distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures .

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