How to Never Worry About Your Laundry Ever — Swosh Laundry and Cleaning App Review

Laundry problems Swosh Laundry and Cleaning App review

We have a very unique situation here in Metro Manila with regards to our laundry problem.

  1. We can’t do our laundry as often as we did because there’s scarcity in water supply. ( May washing machine ka nga wala namang tubig!)
  2. It’s rainy season again and it’s hard to get your clothes to dry (especially for those who don’t have dryer which mostly in a lot of household).

Here’s a very convenient and very affordable way to getting your laundry problem gone and never worry about it ever again!

I’ve been using Swosh Laundry and Cleaning App since they launched in Manila about almost two months ago and I am so happy they existed at the right moment!

Imagine paying only Php140-170 per 8 kilo loads of regular laundry. Regular laundry is your clothes (tops, bottoms, dresses, underwear , socks, and pieces in your wardrobe).

For bedsheets, curtains, towel,  andand comforters any beddings and bath it’s Pho140-170 per 4kilo load.

Then add Php40.00 as pickup and delivery fee.

You can schedule your own pickup and delivery date.  When you want them pick up your dirty laundry and when you want them deliver your clean clothes.  Usually its a next day delivery .

Their guys are also friendly and wear nice uniform and carry this bag with the sign! They also text before picking up the laundry and delivering to make sure you are there.

Laundry problems Swosh Laundry and Cleaning App review

I did the math and I normally have 8 loads of regular laundry every two weeks. And I only accumulate 4 kilos of beddings every 2 weeks.

My last laundry is just Php410 this was 8kilos of regular clothes and 4 kilos of beddings and bath.  I don’t have to worry about buying detergent, bleach, fabric softener and all that jazz!

It’s super convenient!

Laundry problems Swosh Laundry and Cleaning App review

If you want to try the service available in Manila, Taguig, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan, Makati and Pasay download the Swosh app here  and use my code #EARTHXSWOSH to earn SWOSH! points and Redeem exciting items and promo codes!

Let me know when you try the service/app !

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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