First Time Trying Out Fencing in Manila

First Time Trying Out Fencing in Manila

This is my first time to try fencing. I’ve always wanted to do it because of Richard Gomez, Zorro and the Three Musketeers! Haha!

Anyway ,Fencing  is known as a very elite sports in the Philippines because of the expensive equipment, but now you can try it out without having to buy a thing!

Just recently went out of their way to book me and my boyfriend a Fencing session with Fencing Republic.

I was so excited to do it because it’s such an elite sports (read my first paragraph).

Here’s how our Fencing session with Fencing Republic went:

The price for a  hour and half (1hour 30 minute ) beginners fencing lesson/session is Php1,200.00 including a Trainor and all the equipment in the fencing studio!  That is not a bad deal at all!

What do I think about the one hour session we had at Republic Fencing?

  • For a beginner and no experience with fencing like me it is so worth it.  I pick up fast so I can catch real quick but like Marcus said the phase was too fast . I did not have a problem with it though. I get to play fencing .
  • Inever knew how serious and a real body workout this will take on a player!  It’s a real serious sports that takes a lot of concentration and discipline.
  •  I think our trainor went really nice with us coz I am a newbie and they knew I am a blogger/vlogger so they just let me get away with my errors.

Do I recommend Republic Fencing?


So, if you want to try fencing and see if this is a sport you want to be serious at , then go at Fencing Republic located at the basement of Makati Square in Chino Roces Makati.  Better book through to make sure you get an open schedule.

We were told that every  the elite Philippine Fencing team has training session in there.  Sometimes and most of the time Richard Gomez goes too!

Do let me know if you tried fencing!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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