Buy or Bye? MOMAX Q Power Pro 3 Wireless Charger and Power Bank

MOMAX Q Power Pro 3 Wireless Charger

My boyfriend loves wireless chargers, he love it so much that he bought me a wireless charging reviver a.k.a QI receiver so I can do wireless charging too.

See, my phone does not have that wireless charging technology yet but with this little piece of accessory I am able to do so.

Incidentally Digital Walker sent me a MOMAX Q Power Pro 3 Wireless Charger and Power Bank  for review  and  of course I let my boyfriend do it for me coz he knows more of this than me.  Me I’m a fast learner but he makes this review more credible than I can so I made him do so.  Here’s how the review went:

Momax Q Power Pro is a power bank and wireless charging dock, and delivers 7.5W wireless fast-charging for iOS devices and 10W for Android devices. Its 8,000mAh capacity should be easily enough to charge one small and large capacity device to full.

What’s more, its enlarged coil allows it to charge devices in both portrait and landscape orientation, and it can also deliver Type C Power Deliver Fast Charge of up to 18W.


The Momax Q Power Pro is now priced at PhP1,990 (from PhP2,990) and is available at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box.


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