I Tried Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo and Here’s What Happened

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I Tried Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo and Here’s What Happened

I have contemplated on getting an eyebrow tattoo for the past couple of years , maybe 5.  But I haven’t had the strength to get one until now.  You see I am terrified of needles , one of the phobias I had since I can’t remember . I have been trying so hard to outgrow this fear but the fear is real.   You can tell it by looking at my upper arms, I never had that vaccine bump/ mark/ scar which almost everyone have coz it was mandatory during my time.

Anyway, I finally had an eyebrow tattoo using Microblading procedure at Bianca Festejo Salon in Greenhills.  JR was the advanced eyebrow tattoo artist who did it on me.

I was actually nervous going through it but I tried to shut down my fears by vlogging the entire experience  and be brave by not telling them I fear needles.

So here’s how the entire procedure happened … watch

It took about less than an hour to complete the procedure.   I did not feel a thing because they used topical anesthesia.  The anesthesia soak was about 45 minutes.   The procedure less than an hour.

My eyebrows turned out looking really good after the procedure.   It’s not too thick , not crooked , not greenish tattoo looking.  It looked perfect ! Eyebrows on fleek !

The after care instructions were given to me. Expectations were mentioned. Do’s and Don’ts  were told.  In 3-5 days it will scab.  I am not allowed to scratch or peel it.  I was prescribed a cream to apply on it every 2 hours (which I did religiously even if I look like I have a shiny eyebrows when I go out!).    In 5-10 days it will reveal it’s real tint .

Contrary to what we thought it was OK to wash your face and get it wet after treatment. JR said if I can wash my face every 2 hours it’s fine as long as I apply the cream.  If washing is not available wet wipes will do on the eyebrows.  Cotton swab is important when applying the cream.

Here’s my Day 0 to Day 6.  I actually got feverish on the 2nd day .  I assumed I got feverish because it was a wound inflicted after all.  Plus probably my phobia catching up on me (delayed reaction).  Watch …

As of today , which is Day 10 , I hardly feel any wound or pain on my brows.  It’s kinda itchy some but no to scratching.  It’s peeling time I guess.

My eyebrows look great!  It’s not as thick and artificial looking as my fear it would be.   It actually look even lighter than I would normally draw my eyebrows which is fine by me.

How much is a Microblading eyebrow tattoo procedure?

At Bianca Festejo Salon with their advanced eyebrow artist like JR it cost Php16,000.   For the master eyebrow artist like Bianca Festejo herself it’s Php24,000.  The cream is Php350.

How long will the Microbladed Eyebrow Tattoo last?

This one will last 1 to 1 and a half years depending on my lifestyle.  If I swim a lot it will be shorter.

At Bianca you can have a free retouch within a 2 month period after first procedure.

What made me decided to get my eyebrow tattooed?

After considering it for many years I finally did it because it’s very time consuming and tiring to draw your eyebrows everyday.  I have very sparse Eyebrows and to draw a decent eyebrow everyday it takes about more than 15 minutes !

Would I recommend getting an eyebrow tattoo?

Definitely!  Especially for those with sparse Eyebrows like mine. Also as we age the eyebrow hair disappears.  This is a perfect solution to keeping those eyebrows.  Plus eyebrows tells your age. If you want to look younger or young forever (as long as you get this procedure from a really skilled one like JR) an eyebrow tattoo is the best solution.

I used to be scared of getting an eyebrow tattoo because I’ve seen badly made ones and they look ugly.  Some even faded to color green and it’s just so bad.  But as the years passed by the technology advanced and a lot of nice eyebrow tattoo products (especially the ink) has improved.

Having an eyebrow tattoo is one of the best beauty decisions I have made.  I honestly can skip putting on makeup going out. My plain face with an eyebrow on fleek is enough . It  saves me a lot of time and money (for eyebrow makeup!)

Microblading Eyebrow tattoo

Do you have a Microblading eyebrow tattoo related question or experience?  Tell me all about it in the comments below!  Let’s discuss!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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