#HairColorGoals : How I Transitioned from Brunette to Silver Blonde (Part 1)

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#HairColorGoals : How I Transitioned from Brunette to Silver Blonde (Part 1)

I have been contemplating on getting my hair platinum blonde for two decades now and finally I gave in. The journey is not easy as it may seem but for me it was all worth it.

I dunno how other people feel about my new hair color now, silver blonde.. As of this writing, Nobody has seen it yet (except from my sister, our house help and cats). Later on I will be out for numbers of events, I will let you know what they think. Meanwhile, read on how I transitioned from Brunette to Silver Blonde.

It all started when I saw Cher at Mama Mia Here I Go Again the movie , I’ve always always seen her as Morticia Adams with that jet black hair, I never knew platinum blonde would look good on her.. She looks so gorgeous and fresh with the new do. Since then I obsessed turning my platinum blonde dreams come true more than I ever did before.

evening gown

After a meeting a blogger friend, Rovie who came back for a vacation from. Australia, who just had a blonde hair transformation as well. I decided to go to the same salon she got her hair color. This is where a nightmare had happened. i will not mention their name yet as we are still to settle some score. But if you have followed mg Instagram stories you will know which salon this was. In fact some of my blog Facebook page followers had told their own horror stories from this salon.

What happened on my visit to their salon became a horror one. After bleaching my hair, they put on three different colors/tomes on my hair. That eventually turned my hair to patches of disgusting hair color mix of orange, yellow, grey and green!

Kinky Curly human hair Lace Wigs lace front wigs

It made me sleepless and anxious that I had to immediately see another salon after. A salon I feel will do justice to my hair , color correct my hair, and achieve my hair color goals.


From brunette to silver blonde


To be continued….


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