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Some find it mushy, some find it too commercial, but either or, people celebrate Valentine’s Day because they are loving the feeling of being loved and loving someone.

My jowa and I talked about what outfit to wear for  our Valentine’s Date, our number one option was the couples shirt he bought for us.  But we also talked about dressing up fancy for the night.

Coincidentally, I just got the clothes that Femme Luxe Refinery sent me during the Holidays . Since they’re from UK it got here a bit too late to become my Holidays outfit but they did came in time to be my Valentine’s Date Outfit.

I got 9 pieces of clothes (most of them are dresses and one pair of sporty / athleisure type of outfit.  Among the 8 I got my top 5 picks are these:

Valentine's Date Outfit from Femme Luxe

  1. Black Organza Mesh Cuffed Sleeve Mini Dress – Faith
  2. Slinky Dres
  3. Camel Crop Loungewear Set – Deanna
  4. Black Blazer Double Breasted Mini Dress – Chloe
  5. Puff Sleeve Top

Here’s a try on and haul video of my Femme Luxe Blogger loot !

I also got a White Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit – Evelyn, and a Sexy side slit dress but the size were too small for me!  Anyway now I know my side from Femme Luxe my next orders will be fit to a tea.

Oh yeah if you notice most of what I got are puffed sleeves and black and neutral.  I am obsessed with puffed sleeves and organza lately, plus the jowa likes me wearing less baggy clothes coz I got the body to show-off LOL.

There are two dresses here that looked similar but really the other one has a puff organza sleeves that is see-through and stiff, the other has a very soft see-through fabric. They also are different in length, the other is above the knee while the other is below almost up to my calves.

The camel loungewear two piece set is so cute except I need to loose some belly fat ! But since it’s a two piece I can wear it separately .

If you would like to order dresses like mine visit Femme Luxe now and browse through their wide selection.  Most of them are evening party dresses and really made for that confident, empowered women who are not afraid to show off their curves !

Femme Luxe Refinery ships worldwide so anyone from any part of the world can purchase.  There might be delays in the shopping but rest assured that your orders will come and that the quality of the dresses are great.  Styles are up to date too !

This is my first post as a #FemmeLuxeBlogger and I am looking forward for more !


Stay gorgeous everyone!