Curate Your Capsule Wardrobe

How to Curate Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

When you live in a small space like a condo unit , space is everything.  You have to strategically plan everything you put in there.,  One of my biggest challenge is my bedroom and wardrobe.  Everything gets cramped in one space that I can’t hardly breathe sometimes because I own too many things.  This is when I started to declutter and create my own capsule wardrobe which allow me a lot of space and less stress when it comes to figuring out what to wear all the time.


One of the most important thing to have in your capsule wardrobe is your underwear.   It is always important to invest in a good bra, especially a good and perfectly fit  T-shirt Bra !

I love T-shirt bras, they’re seamless and makes your breast look nice and lifted in a shirt or even a flowy dress or a button down shirt, cropped top, tank top and virtually any top you own!

I swear by the latest Naked Collection by SKIMS , the underwear line by the Kardashians.  The bra feels snug, smooth and it feels like my second skin, very comfy and yes I feel naked but not when I wear it, it makes feel sexy.

T-shirt Bra It’s good to have at least 7 pieces of bra on your capsule closet, have several T-shirt Bra coz a real good fitting bra makes you feel confident ,. comfortable and sexy at the same time!


Think about your most favorite look.   Think about your go-to no+fuss attire when you are in a rush. What do you normally wear?   Is it jeans?  Is it skirt? Is it tights? Or short?

If you are a jeans person have at least three or four of them ready.  One distressed, one straight cut, one skinny and one more of your favorite among the three.

Always pick a different style and color that you can easily mix and match with everything you own!   This will work for skirts and trousers.


This is a tricky one especially for those who always gets photographed and don’t want to look the same in all the photos you have.  Unless you don’t mind being known for having a signature look then that is fine.

Pick a top style you love to pair with your favorite bottoms.

The best thing to do when sorting out tops is to think by the season !  Yes prepare a capsule wardrobe by the season!    Have items that’s perfect for spring/summer fashion trends.  They’re bright, light , breezy.   Florals? Off the shoulders?  Pastel colors?    Pick four of each styles you love to wear.  Then pick at least two color outerwear to match it all.

Spring Summer 2020 tremds

Do the same for fall and winter. It’s always good to have dark, thick,. warmer clothing during these times to prevent you from freezing.  But if you’re against dark colors bright is fine as well as long as the fabric are thick enough to get you all cozy and bundled up.



A good ole LBD, is always a great investment.  If you are a dress person then have seven pieces in your wardrobe that matches the season!


Belts, bags, scarf, hat, sunglasses, earrings, watch, rings, bracelets.  Pick your staples.   And yes sort by season too!


You will never go wrong with having a white sneakers, boots, flat shoes, and a dressy strappy heels.   Pick a neutral classy color and style and you can leave the rest behind !

And depending on the season it’s always good to have sandals and or thong slippers if heading to the beach.

Socks?  Those invisible socks are genius.  They work well with sneakers and flat shoes and even on boots.

Capsule Wardrobe

One capsule wardrobe tip I read is that you are supposed to have at least 33 pieces on it and that’s an entire capsule for a season.  They didn’t count underwear there though but the tip they gave is really useful.

You can also try shopping at Femme Luxe Finery for  trousers and pretty corset dress  just like the ones I just got recently :

I hope these tips helped you out in sorting your mountains of clothes in your closet and give you the space you need !