Planning a Dream Destination Wedding at Kinglike Mykonos Villa

Kinglike Mykonos Villas
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Planning a Dream Destination Wedding at Kinglike Mykonos Villa

Honestly, I’m one of those who cringe at expensive wedding preparations and inviting hundred of people to witness a couples union.   Sure, we should all be proud about tying the knot with the one we promise to love for the rest of our lives, but honestly I would rather spend on a lavish honeymoon or even our own home than to splurge on a wedding. Or, I can have both for the price of one.

Few things to consider before planning your destination wedding are:

Your Guest

Not everyone has the money to spend to.go to the venue of your choice .  This is a great opportunity to pick only a few of your closest family and friends who are vital to your relationship. Also include the officiating officer that will make your wedding official.  This makes a very intimate wedding ceremony and a real celebration of love and relationship!

The destination

Picking a destination for your wedding is very crucial.  You should always think of your budget and your guests budget as well coz they will have to shell out for their air fare at least.  Pick a place that you can use to hold the wedding ceremony, the reception party and honeymoon at the same time !

A perfect place I stumbled onto recently was the Kinglike Mykonos Villas . They have about 240 villas in Mykonos, Greece.  Here’s some of my favorite

Villa The Spot

Prange from €1,500- $3,000 a night depending on the month.  Minimum stay of 5 days.  It has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, with the master bedroom separate from the two guest houses where the other rooms are located.  Which means the newly wed or about to wed couple have a place to themselves.  This also leads you to just 10  other guest to share the Villa and the bill with 😁.

The Villa the Spot is just a few walks from tourist destinations near Mykonos or you can all just enjoy the view in your beautiful Villa as it has its own infinity  pool, pergola, built-in lounge area, outdoor dining area where you can hold the private ceremony!  Big kitchen and living room to have a party and just bond with your family and friends!

Read more about Villa the Spot here

Villa the Spot Kinglike Mymkonos Villas

Villa Seduction

Another nice option I saw with nice big pool and view is the Villa Seduction. It has 5 bedrooms and 5 baths good for 10 people. They accept up minimum 3 night stays and more and price range from €1,800 to €4,500 a night depending on the season.

Read more about Villa Seduction here

Villa Seduction  Kinglike Mymkonos Villas

Villa Aqua di Mare 

This is closer to Italy than Greece but this could be a great place to have that Mama Mia wedding ❤️

Villa Aqua di Mare can host up to 16 people with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Has infinity pool, outdoor dining area [10 seats], pergola, lounge area, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven, built-in BBQ, laundry room, pool bar with stand chairs.  Price range from €1,500 to €4,500 depending on the month of the year.

Read more about Villa Aqua di Mare here.

Villa Aqua di Mare Villa Kinglike Mymkonos Villas

Best month to have your wedding in any of the Kinglike Mymkonos Villas

Based on my browsing  on rates I found out that mid-April  to mid-May and mid September to mid-October has the cheapest rates available!

Good luck! I hope you have your dream wedding at your dream destination with the important people in your life to celebrate with!

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