Puma vs Saucony: What’s the Difference?

With so many different brands to choose from, narrowing down the best men’s athletic shoes is a nearly impossible task. When choosing a new pair, it helps to start by identifying a brand whose overall style and audience match your preferences. In your search, you will likely run into both Puma and Saucony shoes. This guide explores both of these brands, including how they compare in several factors.

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Style and Appearance

Before looking any deeper into how Saucony and Puma shoes online differ, both these brands create footwear with a distinct look. While Saucony generally aims for a more athletic look geared toward serious runners. While the company does carry more style-conscious fashionable shoes with their Saucony Original line, most of their shoes are similar in appearance with a simple company logo on the side of the shoe and both basic and bold color options. Puma places much more emphasis on fashion, with both lifestyle shoes that are fit for streetwear and uniquely designed athletic shoes. While there are some basic styles available, most Puma shoes feature bold colors and designs, allowing the wearer to stand out.


While Puma is recognized as a lifestyle and athletic brand, Saucony is dedicated to making more specialized footwear for runners. Its collection includes regular running shoes, trail running shoes, and walking shoes. Saucony carries shoes for all age groups, including both little and older children. Puma’s shoe collection is much more diverse, with styles suitable for running, gym training, soccer, basketball, and motorsport. There is also a line of athletic slides and sandals.

Availability and Price

Generally, it is much easier to buy Puma sneakers online than to find Saucony shoes. While there are many vendors that carry both brands, Saucony shoes are geared towards more serious runners and can often be found on running shoe sites. Puma is carried by most shoe vendors and major retailers. Puma shoes, including running shoes, are also more budget-friendly than Saucony shoes. While Saucony has shoes on the more affordable end at around $60, most styles are around $120 and can reach as high as $150. While some Puma styles are over $100, there are several styles that are less than $50.


Both Puma and Saucony carry high-performance shoes equipped with various technologies to enhance performance and comfort. While the right shoe for each runner varies greatly on their unique running style and gait, Saucony carries both stability and neutral shoes, depending on the level of support and cushioning required. ISOFit and Formfit are technologies featured on many models for creating a better fit. Puma advertises many of its technologies, including SPEED which is designed to offer the best lightweight running experience.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the most technologically-advanced running or trail shoe, Saucony sells some of the best shoes in the market. However, Puma is a popular brand due to its unique styling, versatility, and variety. If you’re browsing online for a fashionable shoe to match your other streetwear or need athleticwear for activities other than running, Puma has many options to offer at an affordable price.