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#ChallengeAccepted , Here’s the Story Behind the Black and White Photos Invading Your Timeline

First let me say that during these difficult and different time, each of us want a sense of being needed and wanted.  A great support system who will not judge you because of your actions or what you post on your social media. Because behind all the glamorous photos or rants is a person who is struggling and fighting a personal battle our eyes cannot see.  Especially with this distance we all have to endure. A virtual hug, love and support is definitely a big booster for that person to still fight and live.

So, I see a lot complained/ bashed and scratched their head with the #ChallengeAccepted black and white photos of female friends out there in social media.


When I first saw these photos in my timeline I was wondering, is this a brand campaign? Because most of the people.I see uploading are celebrity and influencer friends.  I was intrigued,  What is this all about?  Why no explanation ?   They’re doing good if this is a brand buzz thing.

For the whole day I kept seeing more and more women uploading their pictures.  On Facebook women upload and tagging a friend : “#challenge accepted (insert name of friend) … End. No explanation.   On Instagram : #challengeaccept @(insert Instagram handle of a friend) no explanation.

Probably like me , anyone who saw those photos are curious at the same time admiring the photos and couldn’t wait for a “reveal”.

But I couldn’t wait and so I did my research, what is #challengeaccepted black and white photos about. I found out that it used to be a trending meme in 2016 about cancer awareness and today the same black and white photos “chain / train” social media posting is being used for women empowerment  .

OK! Now I get it.


It is not voluntary posting that you post without someone tagging you but it is also m not mandatory, if you don’t wanna post if you get the message or not. But this is the message you get if you posted or before posting

“Hello! I was careful to choose who I think will meet the challenge, but above all who I know who shares this type of thinking, among women there are several criticisms; instead, we should take care of each other. We are beautiful the way we are. Post a photo in black and white alone, written “challenge accepted” and mention my name. Identify 50 women to do the same, in private. I chose you because you are beautiful, strong and incredible. Let’s ❤️ each other!”

And so when my time finally came and a friend “tagged” me to do the challenge I have to post an explanation as to not create anymore confusion among those who will see my #challengeaccepted entry.

Here’s some of my friends entry:

And the confused male posted! Just because they wanna be in !

#challengeaccepted #challengeaccepted #challengeaccepted

Lesson is,if you want to create awareness be clear with your message , what kind of awareness are you trying to raise . Or else people will get more confused than inspired.

Stay gorgeous everyone!