How to always look professional on your Zoom meetings

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How to always look professional on your Zoom meetings

With more of us working from home than ever before, it’s safe to say that the way we do things in business has changed dramatically. One of the biggest changes to the working week is the introduction of Zoom meetings and video calls between colleagues, clients and teams alike. 

However, despite these strange adjustments, everything else is considered business as usual. This means arriving at meetings on time, paying close attention to what’s being said and of course, looking professional. Of course, working from home doesn’t mean you have to dress in your smartest business suit and heels to make the right impression, it does, however, require a delicate balance of smart/casual and the right accessories. 

Here we’ll explore how to always look professional on your Zoom meetings.

Invest in a good pair of glasses

The right eyewear can instantly transform any old outfit into something that screams individuality, style and professionalism. People who wear glasses are considered intelligent, professional and knowledgeable, so if you’re trying to stand out on your Zoom calls and make a good impression, choosing a new pair of frames could help – you can find out more about the latest eyewear styles, like these fashionable Ray Bans, via the link. 

Wearing glasses also allows you to express your personality and style with minimal effort, whether you prefer bright, vivid colors, interesting shapes or something sleek and chic, you’ll be able to express your personality without setting foot outside of your home office. 

Opt for solid colors

Appearing well dressed (the half of your body they can see anyway) is essential for appearing professional on your daily Zoom meetings. Smart blouses and casual shirts are simple but effective ways to look smart and work-ready. However, always avoid busy designs or small, vivid patterns as this can detract from the meeting and also cause blurring and distortion for the camera when you move. Being asked to turn your camera off because of your shirt would be pretty embarrassing and not the air of professionalism you were hoping for!

Your hair

Yes, you’re working from home and hair maintenance is probably at the bare minimum right now, but if you’re meeting with fellow employees and discussing statistics with your peers, then you might want to take it up a notch. Keep your hair brushed and well-groomed. Remember, dry shampoo is your friend here! If the absence of hairdressers has left your mane looking a little wild and untamed, pull it back into a simple up-do, add a hairband or simply clip it out of your face so it’s not distracting you (or others) in the meeting.

And finally, keep your make up simple

Yes you want to hide those bags under your eyes, and that “maskne” has left your skin a little worse for wear, but if you want to maintain a fresh, professional image on your Zoom meetings, remember that less is more. A light BB cream or concealer stick should help keep those blemishes at bay and a quick swipe of your mascara wand and eyeliner will keep your eyes vibrant and bright.  A light, natural look will keep you looking professional and ready to take on the working day. 


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